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I used to have both. The Momentum has a significant upper bass hump making them very 'fun'. The HP100s are much more flat, the bass is smoother and cleaner, perhaps deeper too. The Momentums treble sparkles in some areas, initilly sounding detailed, but its a bit messy when doing more critical listening and does stand up to amping very well. It's possibly great for outdoor use but indoor and amped id recommend the HP100
I just did a little event coverage (including photos) of the meet-up on my blog:   http://noblehifi.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/london-head-fi-meet-october.html   I'm thinking that I should get more people to pose for photos next time, only managed it with JVC in the end, but it worked well. I spent so much time talking to people who've loaned me stuff for reviews there (because I'd never met them before until yesterday!), that I didn't meet nearly enough head-fi people. To...
Big, big thanks Nadeem! Sorry I didn't get to meet you properly. The day was superb!! My first ever head-fi meet and I got to see so many people that I'd only known by name until now - brilliant! Great people and great gear! Stonkingly brilliant day, can't wait for the next one
It's hard to argue with the value of the HP100 right? I loaned mine to my Dad and now he likes them so much I need to get some more for myself. I love the TH600, but is it more than 4 times better? I'll let you decide... but the answer is no! :P
I just spoke to Vince from Ifi and he told me that the 3D settings in the iTube are only built for speakers. The setting is different to the one on the iCAN, which is obviously designed for headphones. I will update my review with this as soon as I can, but right now I'm off to get a drink and enjoy listening to my music wrongly :P.
Thanks! I think it worked a little bit better for my speakers at the end of the review, but I went back and forth on that during testing. It's definitely worthy for either. I'd mostly give it the edge for speakers because of the 3D settings I think.   I'm just listening to it between the Schiit Modi and Magni on the HE-500s... damn this sounds good!! I just tried the wide 3D setting with some soundtracks and its amazing, I have very spotty results with 3D on headphones,...
Hey guys,   I got an iTube from Vincent a couple of weeks ago so that I could release this review, since officially launched it today here is my review:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/ifi-itube/reviews/9465 (hopefully it's OK for me to put this here, but please let me know if I screwed up :S)   Originally posted on my blog here: http://noblehifi.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/ifi-itube-review.html   I hope you like it :)   Any extra questions about the...
Neither the HP100 or the HP200 that I have feel remotely delicate in that area or any other so I am shocked that it broke like that for no reason. I wonder what SoundMAGIC will say about the eBay seller, if the seller is legit and if this means the unit is genuine. The prospect of the Chinese copy of a Chinese item is annoying and perhaps unlikely given how un-famous they are, let's see.
I agree with that description of the M50 as well. The HP100 is probably the sweet spot of value before deminishing returns for me... so far.
I've not found any that are similar, but I'm not sure you'd want this flat signature outside because background noise destroys the sound. The momentums and Fidelio L1's pumped up bass works well when using them outside I find, but they are very different headphones. Weirdly enough my favourite relatively portable headphones at the moment are the WeSC RZA Premium, which are a bargain here in the UK at £50, but in the US they're not so cheap. I like them outside as is and...
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