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Looking to sell a pair of MK2s. They were purchased last January so they're about 11 months old. They were great for me as portable over the ear cans but I'm going to be starting work in an office environment soon and decided to buy a new pair of headphones that are more comfortable for extended listening.    They are in pretty good shape. There is no damage to any of the primary structural components. You can see in one of the pictures that there is a bit of an...
Getting a PA2V2 for my 770/80s. So psyched. 
Just got my DT770/80s today and I'm loving them so far. Listening straight from my laptop/phone/iPod unamped. I have never owned an amp so I'm unsure what to expect, but I'm considering getting a PA2V2 after reading about how much an amp will improve the 770/80s. 
Any other suggestions?Trying to find a store I can test out the 770s.
I'm not the most experienced listener but my understanding is that you will not beat the sound quality of the SR60i at that price point. As long as your listening environment allows for open cans (not a busy office, e.g.) they're as good as it gets.
Hi all,   Here's a run down of my situation:   Right now I own a pair of ATH-700Pro MK2s. They were attractive to me because of the portability (college student) and I've really enjoyed them thus far. The one problem I have is that they clamp really hard, and listening for over an hour tends to hurt my head. I've tried a lot of stretching and nothing seems to solve the problem permanently, though I can get some momentary relief.     However, I'm going to be...
Now looking at the K181DJs. They're available on Amazon for ~$100. Removable cord, metal headband, foldable, etc. 
The nice thing about the 700MK2s is that they come with two cords, so if one breaks you always have the other. 
They also have the 700MK2's which feature a removable cord. Sigh... too many options!
Too late to edit this, whoops, but I'm also considering the Audio-Technica M50's. I was concerned about their durability but reviews seem to say they are quite durable and Joker's review says that there are metal components in there. 
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