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 It probably is, I haven't had this problem in this 2 days of listening!   Thanks for that, learnt something new! But what about mid gain sounding fuller and weightier than low gain, is it just my mind acting up? I haven't compared it extensively yet, still busy enjoying music for now! But maybe you have insight on this one as well?
I just got this amp today, and wow I did not expect it to be that big and heavy! Poor mailman haha!   Anyway, so I'm enjoying this, originally I set the gain to the middle and really loved how it sounded. But after a few tracks, I noticed cracks and beeps on the music. So I set the gain to the lowest and there were no problem. But then I have to crank up the volume quite high about 3 o clock. But then I tried the middle gain again, and there was no cracks or beeps! Is it...
Anna Clendening has a gorgeous voice!  
*Final Sale*! It is time to consider letting these go! I used to have time to listen to these gems when I commuted for work, but now things have changed and I am too busy I don't have time to listen anymore! These come with the S1 ADEL module. Bought brand new direct from 64 Audio less than 6 months ago! Like all my gears, I treated these earphones in the utmost care, always have been stored in a pelican along with the de-humidifier. I use a different case because the 64...
hifimanrookie - I'm really sorry to hear about that, must be really stressful! What a nightmare to come back from holiday and find your home broken into! Hope you can get the insurance to go through...   kazuya95 - I copied the price list from Frank's older post:     Price Update   Below prices are for 6ft headphone cables   Hydra 18awg £625 (Flagship Litz cable) Hydra 22awg £360   Below prices are for 4ft IEM cables   Hydra 22awg £305 Hydra 18awg (2 wire...
Oh wow! What a gorgeous cable the hydra!!! Expect to hear from me soon Frank :P I'm eyeing on you hydra 18awg 
 Hello! I was exactly in your position, having first received and listened to my U12 and pairing with mojo, I was utterly disappointed. I've heard a few TOTL iems and I really expected alot from them. But now, the U12 is a keeper for me, it's breathtaking every time i listen to them! It really does need breaking in, whether the iem, or your ears. But the point is, you really will grow into it, and will appreciate it's effortless way of producing sound. Happy listening  
 Well, from the ADEL video I watched, it says that the pneumatic pressure causes the ear drum to vibrate excessively (usually happens as a result of loud sounds, e.g. explosions), which creates listening fatigue, and also more importantly triggers a natural defence of the body to lower volume. Therefore, IEMs without ADEL you will be tempted to increase volume. That's what I learned from the video :P But more importantly, I really do feel less pressure in my ears wearing...
 Thanks for your advice! I guess you're right, it's all up to me to find that out what's best sounding. I actually have some shure olives (for my sem6), I'll try that tonight!     Thank you ;) I absolutely agree ~ It really is the effortless and natural way it sounds, you really won't get bored of it unlike other sigs. Thanks for the recommendation! I will look into it! Found some sellers on ebay ~
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