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sales pending...
Hi guys, bought this from custom cable just under a year ago. I don't think I need to say much about the Hugo, it sounds incredible. I need something more portable due to my traveling and so I will let this go. It is in top notch condition, brilliant! All original packaging intact! This comes with a Vertere Acoustics D-Fi V2 USB cable!
 WOW! Your cable finally arrived ; ) It looks AWESOME, and fits right at home with your other high end gears!!! Yes let the venom burn in longer, i bet there'll be more potential in it waiting to be unlocked
 haha it's another good reason to live in the UK !! did u manage to get a tracking, because it's been shipped already hasn't it? awww nice! I'm happy to be in your list
 I'm using it with my Earsonics, sorry forgot to update my profile i don't have my heir audio 8 anymore! but it's a very good earphone ; ) OMG GUYS, the silver venom arrived, and let me say briefly, the sound is... PHENOMENAL! A whole new level!!! I'm going back to music, I'll report back very soon ; )
 Awww bless her  Yes agree, Frank goes the extra mile for his customers! Has done for me too
 Yes indeed Paulo! We should get our hands on our venoms very soon! Yep sure thing!
Guys! Frank has completed my silver venom for my IEM!!!     I'm so excited!
 WOW! That is one SEXY venom!!! congrats Paulo
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