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Oh wow! What a gorgeous cable the hydra!!! Expect to hear from me soon Frank :P I'm eyeing on you hydra 18awg 
 Hello! I was exactly in your position, having first received and listened to my U12 and pairing with mojo, I was utterly disappointed. I've heard a few TOTL iems and I really expected alot from them. But now, the U12 is a keeper for me, it's breathtaking every time i listen to them! It really does need breaking in, whether the iem, or your ears. But the point is, you really will grow into it, and will appreciate it's effortless way of producing sound. Happy listening  
 Well, from the ADEL video I watched, it says that the pneumatic pressure causes the ear drum to vibrate excessively (usually happens as a result of loud sounds, e.g. explosions), which creates listening fatigue, and also more importantly triggers a natural defence of the body to lower volume. Therefore, IEMs without ADEL you will be tempted to increase volume. That's what I learned from the video :P But more importantly, I really do feel less pressure in my ears wearing...
 Thanks for your advice! I guess you're right, it's all up to me to find that out what's best sounding. I actually have some shure olives (for my sem6), I'll try that tonight!     Thank you ;) I absolutely agree ~ It really is the effortless and natural way it sounds, you really won't get bored of it unlike other sigs. Thanks for the recommendation! I will look into it! Found some sellers on ebay ~
    So I got my U12 a couple days ago... WOW these babies are truly breathtaking... A very true representation of the music... of that I've never heard of from the other iems i've owned, heck even full sized headphones! The ADEL really gives that great sense of airiness, and I really feel it is more easy on my ears (less fatigue, which I always thought were due to my sensitivity to sibilance). I've got to say though, unlike the first time I heard 1plus2 (wow!), there...
 absolutely gorgeous! congrats! this would be my next cable ^_^
 Why do you think those videos are not appropriate? ~ :O
 I see you made your choice :P I think I'm going for the U12 too... :O Have you ordered yet? I really hope I make the right choice over U8... :O I'll be safer, Mojo has a good synergy with the U12 people have reported ^_^
 Thank you ~ I think I'm more clear about the chart on their website! Seems to me then the U12 will be soooooooooo different from what I'm used to, the S-EM6! This is going to be very interesting... 
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