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 Save money for the Chord Hugo ; )
Beauty! Mesmerizing pattern
 Thank you Frank
22.5 lbs 36.8 lbs 41.5 lbs
 I have a toxic cable with furutech plug and it fits because it has a narrower bit sticking out (circled red in the picture below). The other plug DID NOT fit the recessed Hugo jack. Hope the picture helps you! 
Wow this one really beautiful! Incredible pattern and My fav color yellow When is your snake zoo open Frank! ^_^
price drop x2! come on guys!~
Hi guys. I have a gorgeous gold plated SP from toxic cables, first ever one, for sale! It's just two months old, and like always, in like new condition! It is absolutely stunning to look (it can double as a jewellery), and sounds fantastic. It has the standard westone 2 pin, and It is terminated standard 3.5mm, with a beautiful furutech rhodium connector.   I have a new secret cable coming along, so letting this one go!   Price include paypal fee and shipping in...
 It's at "green" volume level every time you turn it on. The max is "white", which is two color level above from "green". You'd need to change volume every time you turn it on, because for iem's i think you'll need almost minimum volume level (light red). The volume wheel is smooth, but with resistance when turning it up/down, to prevent accidental volume change during operation, i think.
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