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How do the mk2 sound compared to the logitech ue 9000? I have the ue 9000 and absolutely love them for my electronic dance and rap. Its the only headphones that I have tried brings me back to my younger years in the clubs, fantastic bass but everything else is still very clear. I'm thinking about getting a set of mk2 bluetooth headset as back up, but only if they sound as good or better thsn the ue 9000.
Waiting on news of logitech/UE 9000 updated model, why are they taking so long?
You should check out phiaton chord ms 530 an logitech ue 9000 nice bass from those...
Anyone check these samsung level over headphones, look pretty good spec wise wondering what they sound like?
logitech ue 9000 replacement model, when??? Anyone have the scoop when logitech is coming out with the newer model?
WTS PHIATON CHORD MS 530 LIKE NEW WITH ALL ACCESSORIES!!! Check reviews these are the best Blue tooth noise cancelling headphone on market! These are adult owned perfect condition and sound wonderful. All accessories included with box. Msrp is 350.00 buy them here for way less, thanks...
Anyone try the phiaton chord ms530, just ordered a pair and wondering how they compare to other blue tooth headphones like the Sony mdr 1 mk2, logitech ue 9000, and harmon kardon bt?
How do these sound compared to the phiaton chord ms530?
How do these compare with the phiaton chord ms530 sound wise?
You really think the phiaton's sound better than the ue 9000? In what ways?
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