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The Alessandro MS2i (essentially a tuned SR325is) would be another alternative. The MS2i tames the highs a bit while keeping that rocking Grado sound sig. Been using the MS2i for the past 8 months and loving it (I listen almost exclusively to rock).
If you aren't excluding earphones as an option, I've greatly enjoyed my Monster Turbine Pro Copper's for about a year now. They offer plenty of bass and, since they're in-ears, they block out most outside noise without leaking sound.   The Gold's are meant to be more bassy, so those might be better for you though.
I went through this same debate a couple months ago and decided to go with the Alessandro MS2. They're essentially the same headphone but the MS2 is meant to be less harsh compared to the 325is
Any soundcard with support for Dolby Digital Live and Dolby Headphone will do this. There are actually a very large number which have these features.
I was actually just about to mention the A30s. They seem like they'd be great for you considering that they're very portable and have a detachable microphone. Also, they don't scream gaming headphone like the TB's do
You might look into Gunnar Optiks. The flat frames on their gaming glasses prevent that discomfort.
I went with the Alessandro MS2i. It's the SR 325is without the overly fatiguing sharpness.
+1 on the Apple Earbuds. Could never get them to stay in properly either
The L7's product page has useful information.
  Do the Monster Turbine Pro's not cater to the audiophile market? While their MSRP is ridiculous, the Coppers can be found on Amazon for ~$250 which makes them quite respectable IMO.   I seriously doubt that anything from the Beats by Dre line will be anything other than overly-priced marketing hype, but maybe will eventually extend their Pro line to include full-sized headphones. I still have high hopes for these though as the design is quite refined IMO.
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