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Canaima from Romulo Gallegos   An insight of man's pursue of happiness and an elegant way of argument in favor of education. It shows a world of contrasts where the environment shapes the identity of a man and discuses where or not he was able to take choices or was destined to end up where he did. Truly amazing literature from a Nobel nominee and ex-president of Venezuela. He was a teacher and a researcher of uneducated rural communities. For his ideas he was thrown in...
This will make your afternoon  
I am an Electrical Engineer at Purdue and there is a chance you can take EE classes with the acoustical background you are seeking. That way if you decide to not follow Acoustical at the end of your bachelors you can still get a good job being an Electrical Engineer. This is one of the classes I am talking about
Purdue Acoustical engineering program is actually pretty good. They even have a recording studio and allocate free hours for students taking acoustical classes. I am electrical but have taken some acoustical classes for fun. 
In Yodobashi you have to ask the store guys to give you the amp you want to test and then you sit on a table and test it with a CD player or your portable music player. There are other shops like e-earphone where they have a wall of amplifiers where you can try any headphone they have on any amplifier and compare them side by side. 
Some pictures...                
Or you could save for a trip to Tokyo. There you will find walls of headphones with walls of amplifiers where you can try an infinite set of combinations. From a grado SR-80 to a Stax SR009, any current production headphone.
Sennheiser HE60     Sennheiser HD800     Sennheiser HD650     Audeze LCD-2     Denon D600     Denon A100  
  This is so true!   When I had the chance to audition the Edition 8 I was really disappointed. I felt that it had strident high frequencies specially with the S sounds. Also they did not even fit on my ears, maybe they are to big for the headphone since I had to roll them to use the headphone around the ear.   Also I really disliked the ATH-1000X my notes on it were: Horrible bass quality and quantity, dull treble. Bad soundstage and no detail.   On the other hand I will...
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