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Hey guys. I've been wanting to upgrade my current, very cheap, microphone. Im looking for a desktop, cardioid microphone around $50, to look alright, and sound good. It'll be used for normal Skype conversations, as well as a little sound recording (but not enough to take it into consideration).   Can you guys recommend a microphone for me? I've got my eye on the Samson Meteor, and the Blue Snowflake. I like the look of the Samson much, much more.   Is there any other...
Hello everyone. Hope you're having a good weekend.   I've had my HE-500 for quite a while now, and Im wondering if I should bring it a little sister. Im considering an HD-650, because the sound signature is suppose to be similar, and I always liked Senn's.   How will the HD650 compliment the HE-500? Is it worth investing, or is the sound difference too little (or too big, in a bad way), to buy a second pair?
Not at 2 AM. I will try tomorrow, tho. Just check for continuity? In case that I do get continuity, it means the driver is alive but something else might be breaking the line. What could it be?
I don't have a volt meter. Is there any other way to check it?
Anyone, please? Im desperate, and's support isnt online right now, and so is HiFiMan's.
Hello everyone. My HE-500 are a couple months old. I went downstairs to get some food while I left my amp on with nothing playing. When I got back, my left cup wasn't working. I tried re-plugging everything, to no avail. I switched out the headphones cable from left to right, and it still only sounds on the right side, so it isnt a cable issue. I tried lightly tapping it several times, I tried loosing and reconnecting the cable, I've tried blowing into it, but I...
There is literally no place anywhere around me that specialises in audio. No place that sells amps, dacs, or high end headphones or audio at all.
I'm not sure about the future, but I want something that will be more future proof than the A2.Im not sure about the kind of amp I want, Ive never used a SS amp, and my little dot Mk3 isnt really good enough of an amp to be a deciding factor, when it comes to deciding between SS and tubes.I do know, tho, that tubes are more annoying to me.I'm not sure as to what sound I want. I want it to be fun to listen to, doesnt matter if its colored or not.If the difference is HUGE...
Not as loud as to hurt my ears, but sometimes you just need a bit more. Is the Burson a good choice overall? Should i pay a bit less and get a brand new Lyr? I like the idea of the burson.
StanD, I would preffer a little bit if an overkill just to be sure, and for future use. Which do you think is better, the Lyr or the Soloist SL?
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