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Thank you very much.   I've downloaded Elec-Q which is a winamp plugin (also avaible as a VST Plugin and its free <3) (using the Winamp bridge to use it in foobar2000) and it works really good.   I'll decide as soon as I have enough money wether I wanna buy the E1 or E1 Muses. Maybe I'll go with the E1 and buy an amp later. Because I don't wanna open the E1 and change the gain jumper as soon as I switch from high impedance to low impedance headphones.
Yeah you are right. It can output DH over digital. Strange that I never got it to work eventhough I have the newest driver version installed.   The main issue I have with DH is that I don't hear if someone is above or below me and how far away he is (horizontal and vertical). CMSS-3D should fix that. Am I wrong here?
I'm upgrading my whole chain (Sennheiser HD 800 inc ^^) and have some questions.   I'm currently Using Dobly Headphone (Mode 1) with a Xonar Essence ST and I'm thinking about switching to a titanium.   I need digital output to feed my future dac (probably gonna be a xonar essence one). Also CMSS-3D seems to be pretty cool because it uses DirectSound3d while Dolby Headphone actually uses no data from the game. Am I right?   Simply put: I wanna have the best...
  Yes its the most beautiful country on earth, but Visp is kinda like a big village but not a town. It has nothing special compared to other villages around (like zermatt). Just a place to work or pass through   I really wanna make a meet, but I don't think we are enough to fill a room ^^    I've only been to geneva once. Mainly because I speak german and not french ^^ (BTW: I work in Sion in a french company, but I still cant speak properly ^^ (je deteste le francais). I...
Visp is not really worth a visit to be honest.   If there would be a meeting don't forget to invite the guys from the german speaking headphone communities (like hifi-forum).
:O Crans Montanta, that's so close to my place ^^   I live in Visp, Valais     We should definitly do a Switzerland Meeting sometimes.
Thanks for your reply. Could you recommand any Software Equalizer for Windows?   The muses edition is not avaible in my country. Ordering from would mean 100$ shipping and 150$ taxes... Makes over 1200$ :(
What do you think about this chain?   PC ==> SPDIF ==> Ultracurve DEQ2496 ==> SPDIF ==> Asus Xonar Essence One ==> Headphones   The main idea is to use a Digital EQ to use 1 DAC/Amp for all Headphones I'm gonna buy in the next years. If a headphone doesn't pair well with the Essence One I can simply make it a little bassier or brighter by using the digital eq. Is there any other cheap (<700$) DAC/AMP combo that could surve this purpose? I plan to buy high...
  What mod did you do?   Would love to try it out with and without mod.
  I have the Essence ST and Q701... Pretty good setup in my opinion. ;)
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