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Does anyone know when the UHA-6s mk2 will be available again?
 Have you compared the md5 sums to make sure you actually have the same files on the SSD and the Hard drive?
Has anyone tried using a Samsung 850 Evo 1TB? Apparently it uses less power and the 500GB version is compatible with Tarkan's adapter. I'm not sure whether I should go for the 850 or 840 because the price difference is just short of $50.
 I'm not an expert, but the L2 and L3 are the default audio line outs, so a normal Fiio L9 should theoretically work. I'm looking into doing the exact same thing but capless. 
I want to do a capless mod to the default Line out (Which would be L2 and L2 if I'm not mistaken). Then use a Fiio Line out to the UHA-6S MK2. Am I correct in assuming that I only need to remove the caps next to the DAC (As seen here: and for the 2 line out pins (As seen here: and then solder the wires from the DAC outputs to L2 and L3?     On top of...
 Yes. As I wrote in my post I have the repackaged Ue 900 (ue 900s on the packaging, new accessories, but the connector is still black and not blue, therefore I don't have the unibody version).
I have the original ue 900 and the new ue 900s (without unibody, so essentially the old ones with new packaging + red ring on the right piece).   The new ue 900s sound really similar to the old ue 900, if there's a difference then it's that the new ue 900s without unibody do have a little bit clearer sound and a little bit wider soundstage and a little bit better separation. However this might be placebo or because the old ue 900 I own is already 1 year old (and probably...
do you have the real ue 900s or the repackaged ue 900? whats broken in the ue 900 you have?
logitech site in my country says that the ue 900s is in stock and i just got confirmation that my ue 900 replacement will be a ue 900s and that they sent it. the package is coming from the netherlands. would you mind tellin me which version you got swiftkidd?. though i dont really believe that i'll get the real ue 900s version.
Thank you very much.   I've downloaded Elec-Q which is a winamp plugin (also avaible as a VST Plugin and its free <3) (using the Winamp bridge to use it in foobar2000) and it works really good.   I'll decide as soon as I have enough money wether I wanna buy the E1 or E1 Muses. Maybe I'll go with the E1 and buy an amp later. Because I don't wanna open the E1 and change the gain jumper as soon as I switch from high impedance to low impedance headphones.
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