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 Yes. As I wrote in my post I have the repackaged Ue 900 (ue 900s on the packaging, new accessories, but the connector is still black and not blue, therefore I don't have the unibody version).
I have the original ue 900 and the new ue 900s (without unibody, so essentially the old ones with new packaging + red ring on the right piece).   The new ue 900s sound really similar to the old ue 900, if there's a difference then it's that the new ue 900s without unibody do have a little bit clearer sound and a little bit wider soundstage and a little bit better separation. However this might be placebo or because the old ue 900 I own is already 1 year old (and probably...
do you have the real ue 900s or the repackaged ue 900? whats broken in the ue 900 you have?
logitech site in my country says that the ue 900s is in stock and i just got confirmation that my ue 900 replacement will be a ue 900s and that they sent it. the package is coming from the netherlands. would you mind tellin me which version you got swiftkidd?. though i dont really believe that i'll get the real ue 900s version.
Thank you very much.   I've downloaded Elec-Q which is a winamp plugin (also avaible as a VST Plugin and its free <3) (using the Winamp bridge to use it in foobar2000) and it works really good.   I'll decide as soon as I have enough money wether I wanna buy the E1 or E1 Muses. Maybe I'll go with the E1 and buy an amp later. Because I don't wanna open the E1 and change the gain jumper as soon as I switch from high impedance to low impedance headphones.
Yeah you are right. It can output DH over digital. Strange that I never got it to work eventhough I have the newest driver version installed.   The main issue I have with DH is that I don't hear if someone is above or below me and how far away he is (horizontal and vertical). CMSS-3D should fix that. Am I wrong here?
I'm upgrading my whole chain (Sennheiser HD 800 inc ^^) and have some questions.   I'm currently Using Dobly Headphone (Mode 1) with a Xonar Essence ST and I'm thinking about switching to a titanium.   I need digital output to feed my future dac (probably gonna be a xonar essence one). Also CMSS-3D seems to be pretty cool because it uses DirectSound3d while Dolby Headphone actually uses no data from the game. Am I right?   Simply put: I wanna have the best...
  Yes its the most beautiful country on earth, but Visp is kinda like a big village but not a town. It has nothing special compared to other villages around (like zermatt). Just a place to work or pass through   I really wanna make a meet, but I don't think we are enough to fill a room ^^    I've only been to geneva once. Mainly because I speak german and not french ^^ (BTW: I work in Sion in a french company, but I still cant speak properly ^^ (je deteste le francais). I...
Visp is not really worth a visit to be honest.   If there would be a meeting don't forget to invite the guys from the german speaking headphone communities (like hifi-forum).
:O Crans Montanta, that's so close to my place ^^   I live in Visp, Valais     We should definitly do a Switzerland Meeting sometimes.
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