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rather than punchy can i get a smooth bass with these headphones? 
I just got the htf600's in the mail from amazon today for 30 bucks :) i was wondering if anyone here has experience EQing them if so, what are your recommended settings? if it helps i'd like a punchy bass, with good highs and the xb500's but with better mids and highs.     I read one post on a thread here that said it benefits from a flat EQ but never heard anything more after that, so im not too sure and would like a little more info on it.   Thanks
is there anything that will control all my audio from any player? rather than a player with an EQ?
yeah i dont expect too much, i was just too impatient to wait for these to burn in for those 100 hrs and just returned them.  but its okay i found a best buy 5 minutes away that have a bunch of xb500's and maybe in a few weeks ill pick them up again depending on what happens with these 600's but if i do ill make sure to burn them in quickly before that 30 day return ends.  but at the same time i am a little skeptical about how much burn in will really change them.
I have some htf600's on the way, 30 bucks from amazon so i figured i'd try them to see what all the hype is about, will try to do out of box comparisons because i didnt burn in the xb500's for too long, only about 10 hrs. does anyone know the suggested burn in for the panny's? 
oh sorry, i ment none what so ever, be it new in box or display.  i was gonna grab one to try at home, and if i didnt like them or could no justify the price i could easily return them. 
I was at the local frys and saw a little tag that said denon d1100 and got excited until i looked down and there was nothing on the rack...
  i say 100 and under, but realistically i am only willing to spend that 100 if they blow me away, but i dont think anything in the 100 and under range will really do that    whats your take on the panasonic htf600? 
have you listened to both? I keep reading reviews that go back and forth, some even compare directly to xb500's saying they dont give as much deep low bass as the 500, they do give better mids and highs than the 500. then....others say terrible, very muddy bass vailed mids and highs, but the ones i have read so far have no direct comparison to the xb500..i was very happy with the bass of those, just everything else was too grainy sounding =\
i hear the arguement go back and forth about that, but for the price of a 700 i think id be willing to give another 10 bucks for the shure 550dj's
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