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i just took the foam off the drivers and tested them with the same songs, and i actually do hear a difference for the better, though it is very slight, i can hear hi-hat chips more clearly and the bass seems smoother and arnt as veiled as before, with the foam on the smaller impacts are less significant and almost unheard unless you know there's supposed to be bass there, but with them off i could be listening to a song for the first time and hear all the impacts. with...
How would you get said panty hose to stay on the cans? im pretty paranoid about my stuff and want to make them last for as long as possible   
well everyone has a different ear, i like the bass, but felt the 500's were over brearing and the mids and highs were not up to par, no the sennheisers dont have the bass the 500's do but they still have bass, and good bass too as well as keeping the mids and highs good. and apple vs pc is also purely subjective, i use a pc, but i can still see the appeal of a mac. 
anyone know if removing the foam film is worth exposing the drivers? or if they need to really be protected at all?
  atm nothing comes to mind that very bassy on my playlist, but i listened to coldplay again lowering the eq on 8khz and it got a lot better, thanks! 
im streaming music on spotify i dont think its the recording since even the ads are piercing, for bass im referencing skrillex -slats slats slats   
I was listening to coldplay and every "sh" sound the singer makes is a bit piercing, ive been playing with the eq, but i cant figure out a specific hz that takes that edge off, it seems like all the higher ranges combined do a bit..does anyone know what exact frequency i can lower to help? my eq has the following:   31 62 125 250 500 1k 2k 4k 8k   Thanks!
bass now is a tad muddy for most songs,  bu twhen the song calls for hard hitting punchy bass (dub step) i can hear it try but fail and its almost  50% white noise mixed with an attempt at bass...but this is probably something i cant EQ out huh?    im really just looking for some EQ recommendations that brings out the best of these cans, at this point i dont want to get too picky, since ive been struggling to find a good eq searching the forum.
wait, what should i not do? bayer pads or removing the foam film.  do you know if the drivers will still be protected with the film off?  
I just got these in the mail and are starting to burn them in now.  i have been browsing this thread to see what i could do to improve sound, and this is what i have gotten so far:   Burn in...50 hrs to be exact to where these cans are stable   remove the foam film just under the pads (how do you do this? its glued down, do you just tear if off anyways? any other foam removal? i think i saw a second piece under the larger one with the cut in it) also if you...
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