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I just realized...does it even matter what i get if i run it through the e7 with its own DAC? Or does the LOD only bypass the internal amp of the device?
    Well, lets get at it some more! 
I need a cheap audio player that can be used with an easily found LOD to an e7.  I was considering the apple 5.5 gen, but i'm using this for school and with all the crap i carry I don't really want to add a big ipod with e7 to it.  I was thinking nano? but then i read certain earlier nano's do not work with a LOD and have to be modded.  could someone help me out with this?   -cheap -8gb or more -plug and play LOD (that isn't a mini to mini) -thin/light/small
I've been reading that some players have better or worse output than others.  for example one would say "many of the ipods are designed to run efficiently and do not sound as well as a zune."  To me this seems like i can solve this problem with an amp and just giving it more power through a LOD.  But i was reading more and seems like different players just output different quality audio even if the file is the same?  Could someone explain this to me? does it have...
i'm leaning towards these so far too...do you use an amp with yours? I'm in the process of trying to find what amp goes well with it and getting this damn beats audio stuff off my pc 
yeah, i was worried about whether or not my samsung phone would have the same perks as istuff does 
I've been searching and searching and have not found my specific situation since all the others have found have to do with idevices.  I have ath-m50's and was wondering if they would benefit from an amp.  Im looking between the fiio e7 and e11.  I know the e7 has a DAC but is it needed for my laptop for my phone (windows phone, samsung focus s).  Im getting this set up for school where the majority of my time listening is in the library/room doing homework or studying...
I need something to listen to music in the library or in my room when doing homework,  I was thinking about getting some IE's but even the super comfy IE's bug me after a while.   ill keep it short and sweet: -full rich sound -balanced -great sound stage -durable -closed cans (don't want to piss off angry people cramming during finals week ) -low to medium clamping force (i got a big head anyways) -comfortable -noise isolating (prefer passive unless...
I'm sure this topic is beat to death, but I'm very particular with my music.  I want something well balanced more leaning on the bass side.  Right now i have some klipsch s4's in my ear but i've been reading around they aren't the best for the price range and they seem a bit flimsy to me.  I will probably be taking them back soon.  I have them burned in and they sound "okay" it doesn't really blow me away as a "wow these are great." bass is definatly better than what...
did you use fabric glue to glue them down like the original foam or something?
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