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Old thread, yes.  But seems like there hasn't been a solution for this problem, and i'm having the same issue
They only took returns for it, not exchanges. so thats what I did...and after my frustration thats what i figured.  I also thought it out, and realized i will almost never use the amp/dac with a phone or other portable device, so got a e10 coming tomorrow.  Hopefully that will work without issue.  Too bad I have class all day tomorrow and wont be able to try it until i get back :(
i just got my fiio e7 in the mail today and plugged it in.  it works the oled comes on, the Fiio sign on the bottom is flashing indicating charging, and sound is playing through it from my computer.  but when i turn it on it goes from 1 line on the battery with the screen saying lock, then lock goes away and it goes to full bars, full charge.  I've been charging it for the last 3 hours and when i pull it from the USB it shuts off the second i pull the usb out, when i try...
Thanks for the info, I might just get a new-ish one so I wont have to deal with figuring out if a LOD is compatable or not since I;m having trouble finding a difinitive answer around on the forum or google for the earlier generation ipods.  And to be honest I don't have the most trained ears anyways so I probably won't notice the details anyways. 
because I don't want a new player or to spend a few hundred on a iphone with the cirrus chip.  I wont be using it too often so just decided to get the best sound for the 50 dollar range and from what i have read the wolfsen stuff does well in the old ipods and you can get them very cheap used.  the cans and iems im using for this purpose are efficient and do not need to be amped, but i have the stuff anyways so i would like to be able to use it with the player i get if i...
I think i might just get an ipod with wolfsen in it since it works with the stuff i have now.   and can anyone here answer which nano ipods that have wolfsen can use a LOD without any modification?
I did notice that, but i read up that unless you have really good ears and really good equiptment you wont be able to tell the difference between 320kbps and FLAC.  
you make a good point, hows the SQ compared to ipods with Wolfson since you could find both for the same price? and could you explain "rockboxed?"
oh okay, i got the e7 already because im mostly listening through my pc, and every once in a while on the go.  So far im thinking about an older ipod with a Wolfson chip, do LOD's work with all? I was going to get a 1st gen ipod nano but i read a LOD will not work? 
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