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Oh, you have any idea how the e17 shielding holds up? 
I have a e17 and  want to use the coax or SPDIF with my computer, but I'm not sure whether or not I have one.  Looking around seems like I just have 2 regular 3.5mm headphone jacks and a microphone in jack.  Is it possible to use coax or SPDIF through the 3.5mm's?    This is my computer:   http://www.pcworld.com/product/920687/pavilion-dv6-6150us-15-6-quot-steel-gray-notebook.html
I've been getting cell inferference on my e10 but not on my uDAC-2 and was wondering if I should return the 2 and get the e17, but I want to make sure the case is thick enough to not pick up interference.  I'm only using it for the DAC since i'm only using it with my laptop, never portable, and only running m50's.  Is the DAC on the e17 better than the e10 to justify the price?  Is it very slight or pretty noticeable of a difference?
What did you end up getting? I'm also contemplating the e10, vs e17 vs uDAC-2
Yup! It was a cell interference issue.  When I put my phone near it, I would hear the noise and when i take it away it goes away.  Or, when it's near and the noise starts, if i bring it closer it gets louder.  seems like I'll be keeping the e10, the udac2 is too expensive for the sound quality.  Thing I don't understand is why the e10 has the cell problem but the udac2 does not?  Is it the materials it's made of?
Long story short, Got a e10, had problems.  Got a Udac-2 to compare if the problem was my DAC or computer.  Turns out it was the DAC that was the problem.  Now that I've spent 110 on the Udac-2 I decided to compare it to the e17 that's only 20 more.       So..in terms of DAC which is better? the Udac2 or the e17, I have no need for an amp at the moment.
No other laptop :( 
Got the Udac-2 testing it out with The Script-Exit Wounds in FLAC.     the two are very identical to my ears, I feel the Udac2 brings out some of the background noises a bit better (I feel I can see how far up on the bell the drummer is playing the ride cymbal, opposed to somewhere near the bell on the e10).  This ability also gets annoying when you turn up really treble-y music as it gets pretty piercing, the two are close but the Udac2 is a bit more harsh.  Besides...
i have a Udac-2 coming in today, I will test it out to see if its the DAC or the computer that's giving the noise.  If it's the DAC ill probably end up returning the e10 and using the Udac-2 for a while until i find something better since ive read they aren't all that great especially for the price point. 
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