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Oh, i'll be pinching pennies for a few months, darn you apple and head-fi! 
I completely agree about the double blind test and that audio is very subjective differs from each individual.  As of now, it seems like i'll be sending the e17 back, especially since apple took all my money :( 
I believe it does have a SPDIF apple website is not too specific on that, and when i look it up there's a spot under Intel HD Audio that says SPDIF optical digital audio output, and when i click it it says its a combination input, so im guessing the audio out i have will automatically switch between SPDIF and regular analog   Also after more testing, i would give the edge to the e17.  Vocals seem to have a more prominent "presence" if that makes any sense.  But just a...
just going through USB 
Im trying it out right now, and as far as i can hear, *flame suits on!* the MBP sounds better.  Im playing lossless through song bird with a flat eq, compared to the e17 with 0 bass and 0 treble boost.  The e17 sounds veiled while the mac sounds like the e17 if i boost treble, bass is the same to me.       EDIT: I lied, sounds pretty much the same to me.
Just got a 2012 macbook pro and was wondering if the e17 made a difference in SQ or if the MBP was better than the e17 or vice versa.  I found one thread on it, but at the time no one really answered the question so im hoping to get a definite answer.
I just got my e17 and noticed every time i turn it on it resets itself to 48k, 16bit and i have to manually set it back to 98k 24 bit on my computer.  It happens when plugged in with usb, through mini to mini to my phone, and when i just turn it on without anything connected.   I also have to plug it in, hit the reset thing with a toothpick and then change the setting on my computer to see a change on the e17, without resetting the e17 does not change.   just...
It sounds really good, the EQ, i find is really useful in that i dont really have to play around with super detailed EQ's on foobar (since i don't really know how to) and the e17 really dumbs it down.  Sadly, the cell interference is still there, but not as bad as the e10.  I'm using a windows phone samsung focus S though, I'm not too sure how it would react with an idevice or android. 
  Oh, okay.  Thanks for the help! I will report back tomorrow when it gets delivered. 
Oh okay, I will almost never use it as an amp alone.  I bought it to use as a DAC on my computer...did you get any cell interference with it?  With the e10 i would still get some interference with the phone in my pocket and the DAC on the desk 
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