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Pity you don't have a pair of the Sennheiser Urbanite Xl wireless to hand, as they have a sound signature somewhere in the middle between both the H8 and the P5, as you describe them. Fun side of neutral, but not as coloured as the H8 by the sound of it, with a very smooth midrange and slightly emphasised bass thump and a recessed but smooth top end that nonetheless retains a bit of upper sparkle. Urbanites are more sophisticated than the marketing message suggests. ...
Just listened to a pair of these in Superfi, Birmingham. Disappointed in the sound. Very bass heavy - seemed to bleed into the mids. Was only a quick BT demo using my Xperia Z3 compact (so no LDAC), but using some demo tracks I know well. Sent from my D5803 using Tapatalk
I got used to the touch controls. Still sometimes have issues with them (pausing when thinking I'd double tapped to advance, for example), but few and far between now.Re sound sig. Just goes to show everyone likes different things. Still hugely impressed by the headphones, and really glad I bought them. I've commented on the sound quality before, but it's a signature that is fun rather than neutral, but allows them to play well about all genres of music.
Also curious about LDAC performance, as this is a USP of these headphones.
How is the passive noise cancellation?  This seemed poor on the MDR-1As. Also, are they prone to wind noise when outside (note that they have vents)? 
 Let's hope they take the opportunity to issue a firmware update to allow the ANC to be turned off.  That may be asking too much, as it was clearly a design choice to have ANC enabled with the BT connection, so I suspect they will simply resolve the BT issue, unless that requires turning off the ANC!   With no BT performance issues and the ability to turn off ANC on BT connections, I would happily repurchase these, much as I really enjoy my Urbanite XL wireless.  If all...
 Indeed.  Some more official confirmation would be good.  If I were a retailer, I'd be particularly annoyed by this, as I'd be the point of contact for complaints.  However, that said, it is the first encouraging recognition of the problem that many of us have been talking about on this forum.  Now, if they sort the BT issues, perhaps that will sort the ANC issues I had, as the two are connected (no pun intended).  If so, I could see myself reconsidering M2 wireless...
Try the Sennheiser Urbanite XL wireless.  I had same problems (and more) with three pairs of M2 BTs, but find the Urbanites excellent and issue free while walking around.
Try the Sennheiser Urbanites. No clipping, as no ANC.
On reviews, here are some on the Urbanite wireless: http://www.cnet.com/uk/products/sennheiser-urbanite-xl-wireless Mostly agree, but don't notice the harshness issue mentioned http://www.soundguys.com/sennheiser-urbanite-xl-wireless-review-4988/ Don't agree that the M2s are more realistic, but a good review http://www.hifiheadphones.co.uk/reviews/sennheiser-urbanite-xl-wireless-review/ Closest to my view of the Urbanites, but I don't have the mild comfort issues...
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