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The item description can be found here:   http://www.qables.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=747   The cable has been kept in one position (not repeatedly repositioned). It has been taken good care of. PM me if you would like to see some photos, as of course it now has a slight bend.   It is otherwise in as new condition. 
For sale is:   1 iQube V1 Excellent condition. The iQube pictured is not mine, but one pulled from the internet. I can provide pictures should there be any interest, but my only camera to hand at the moment is a poor quality one on a blackberry. I will borrow a good one should there be any interest. The iQube was bought 2nd hand on here from the first owner, who had not used it at all, in late December 2011/early January 2012. Since then it has received light use....
Interesting, because A was the file I had preferred. 
I went with the option I did because it didn't sound as cold, not sure how to describe it. 
    http://www.q-audio.com/  Is this your site?     I find it very surprising that you would be supporting arguments against cables making an audible difference when you sell them yourself (if you are indeed a member of the trade as it says below your name). 
By doing this and trying to argue on scientific terms, they've already lost. If they publish measurements, it would take only a few moments to see that these differences are inaudible. They have to use marketing mumbo jumbo, it's all they have.   In my opinion. 
I want to add some extra feedback.   I contacted them with a specific issue about re-cabling, and they were very helpful and even posted me some stuff for free. Way beyond what I would expect from normal customer service. I think they will go far. 
This is quite a common thing that people say.     It used to be with cheap headphones that they would have a frequency response similar to that of a speaker. With a speaker, being a few meters away will allow the higher frequencies to be partially absorbed, however with a headphone the high frequencies pass through less air and so at the same overall volume the high frequencies will be loud and damage the ears. It's also common for people to turn up the volume in...
I would quite like to participate in a blind ABX test myself. Personally I'm siding with scientific findings on this one, but I'd also like to test some other things, like amps.        Also, arguably, maybe it's worth paying extra money for the placebo affect, it's not free :)
I don't think the m-dac has an amp. You should check that.
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