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Sent PM
edit: removed post
Ah really don't bother/stress yourself on this issue. There's no rush. Get your other things cleared up first.
Hey qusp, did you get my PM? Not sure if your inbox is full or something along those lines.
Thanks ancient, I'll give that a shot
Ah apologies for not being clear, I was asking for someone to fix them so I could use them again. Sending you a PM qusp, thanks.
Gonna hijack this thread for the access to QLD head-fiers. The left driver of my FA-011 has stopped working with only a little bit of use. I'm wondering if anyone has the skills and materials to have a dig about for a possible fix. On the main FA-011 thread a Melbourne Head-fier said "You can dismantle the side that isn't working and resolder it. It could also be a defect connection for the left side signal in your 3.5mm jack." I really have next to no expertise...
  Is qusp a Brisbane head-fier? To be honest, if I can't find anyone in Brisbane I'd be happy to pay for postage for you to muck about with them if you could be bothered. Yeah that's been attempted. Fischer responded to an initial query and asked for photos. They've been sent (+ an additional email) but there has been no reply in over a month. Then I looked into going through GD Audiobase but as I've mentioned it does not look like a very good option. Dmitry didn't say...
Unfortunately I lack both the skills and materials to attempt a fix myself. Guess I need to find someone local
Run into an issue. The left driver of these headphones has stopped working (for no reason I can fathom) after probably under 100hrs of use. I'm reluctant to send these back to GD-Audiobase for warranty/RMA replacement due to reading a few horror stories and next to no positive experiences. It really seems like a $40-$80 gamble to send these from Australia.   Has anyone else had this issue? These are the dark-dark-dark-dark red wood model (older model). Any...
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