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Bought them from Hong Kong. Wish me luck ;)
Did any of you end up buying these from Australia or HK? There are a couple from HK on   I'm either ordering from ebay or accessoryjack.
I purchased my Atrio M5 MG7 from and I tried contacting them and calling them months ago because my M5 fell apart before a year! Even the wire! I liked them, especially for the $110 or so I paid but their website doesn't work and even after several emails, I got no response. What steps should I take next? It looks like their site no longer exists. I liked these bass heavy in-ears and don't know if I should look elsewhere for a different...
I'm a personal trainer and I use a Bose Sounddock Portable for my clients. I love it for its portability, if I charge it I don't need to use the AC Adapter, use of a controller, powerful, and decent bass.   It's just right for what I need even if the sound is pretty flat. The only reason why I'm looking at getting something else is that EVERY trainer in my gym has the same thing..about 5 other trainers. I'd like to see if there are better options. I'm looking for...
Ahh ok thanks. I think it actually says it in the file description since I d/l'd it..320kbps  
Can someone please ID this for me? I want to d/l it but Shazam doesn't know what it is.   Awesome workout song.
I havnt heard about that happen to the white VMODA LPs.
Patiently waiting... lol
Oh wow interesting! Amp/DAC. Is this the one for the iPhone? I've been waiting for the E17 to hit the US market, but if this V-MODA amp is not just the iPhone amp, then I might be very interested.  
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