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Another way to utilize the Iphone is with the ifi idsd products...   then you get to bypass the iphone dac all together and get a much better dac/amp...   to me thats why the 128gb option on the new phones is important as it will be able to hold more FLAC files 
Just in case Ifi folks are still with us here....  If I may...I'd like to suggest a potential opportunity for you...   if you might consider creating a cradle for your amps....   its hard to mount anything on the amps due to the shape....   we need a cradle that will form fit your amp dimensions and offer a flat surface so we can mount our phones/Daps with bands when we want to use the amps as portable units....   just a thought...and you could make some extra bucks... ...
I could be wrong on this because it has been a while ago...   but I think what happen'd was when Fiio suggested using the E12 amp with the X5 player they dial'd back the sound signature of the X5  to accommodate the E12 and its bass boost...   and at the same time because others will use the X3 with the E12, it too was dial'd back to work with the E12 bass boost...     Hope I'm not giving out bad info but thats the way I remember the time frame when both sound...
Depends on the amp...  the AD's sound great with the Oppo HA-1 in balanced setup... so much so that I'm considering modding my T1 to balanced to see them scale too...   That would complete my balanced sets with AD/HD800/T1    :-)
128GB will work well for FLAC files...  :-)
thanks...  got one on order..  :-)
Can you put a link for us.. Amazon seems to have more than one version... thanks
Every one knows the black ones are faster..  ;-)
I keep my headphones in the closet too...  for a different reason though...   If my wife knew how many headphones I've got I probably wouldn't have a wife... just a closet full of headphones...   So far I have her convinced that a HD800 is actually a M-50....   :-)   and my JH-16 came with my Iphone  ;-)
ifi iDSD micro drives them easily and sounds great...  not balance mode... the amp only has single end...
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