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Since you mention that, I've been wondering about who to go with. Seems like the three main contenders are mp3.com, ampcast.com and peoplesound.co.uk ... but for obvious reasons, mp3.com is by far the best known. How did mp3.com "screw" you exactly?
I forgot to mention, the headphones must be closed - open or semi-open is no good for my circumstances. That will probably cut the contenders down somewhat!
Thanks for that - I've written to Mike as you recommended. BTW, don't put yourself down just because you're 17 - in any technology-related field, a lot of 17 years olds already know a great deal - often more than people twice their age (like me) Take care, Gwydion
I guess the other question I should have asked is, are either of these good to start with ... ? * The Sony MDR-CD270 I mentioned before * Sennheiser T-30 Cordless If these are "good enough" for my needs, maybe I don't need new headphones at all ... I just want to make sure that what I hear is (close enough to) what everyone else hears when listening to my music! G.
Thankyou to you both - now, how do I tell how strong the amplifier in my VS-880 is? I have consulted both the manuals I have but neither of them tell me. If it helps, right now I'm using Sony MDR-CD270 headphones and I have to have the "headphone level" cranked fully up. Take care, Gwydion
Hello all, I'm looking for a pair of headphones for my home studio setup. I'm not a professional but a keen amateur - if my stuff sells at MP3.com then I'll be very happy .. that should give you an idea of my level. My studio consists of various synths and sound modules which ultimately end up in a Roland VS-880 hard disk recorder, and it's this that the headphones would be connected to. I've used high-quality patch cables everywhere. Due to not being able to...
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