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Yes AK70 employs the same AK connect software compatible to DLNA(uPnP).
> Hi, I'm a complete noob on the RPI, does the HifiBerry Dac sound better than the Mojo and how do these setups compare to computer or CD players? TIA! DAC-wise the Mojo is better. But you can use your favorite amp in DAC+ setup.The SQ is well comparable to usual DAP+amp setups. Plus you can use decent remote iPhone player(I use iPeng9). I think you can also refer to this link if you are worrying about SQ of RPI+Hifiberry. Bryston employs RPI&Hifiberry Digi+ in their...
This is my another Raspberry PI setup on the go. RPI2(piCorePlayer), Hifiberry DAC+, Portaphile627 and a mobile battery(2500mAh) Sounded awesome! My portable RPI article is here(sorry Japanese). http://vaiopocket.seesaa.net/article/435943475.html
> Have you tried Coax/Optical connectors via Digi+ instead of USB? I do. Here is my Mojo setup with RPI2 and Digi+ via Coax, running with piCorePlayer 204.
As for Nebula One, I felt full and spacious good sounding for the price(us$99?). I think it's good.
Hi all, I uploaded my report for the Mook show here. Sorry it's Japanese but you can enjoy pictures. http://vaiopocket.seesaa.net/article/431498916.html
Nice review tomscy2000. I am also sharing my experience on Companion one. I always thought I need a wireless portable audio solution in this Smartphone age. But BT has a sound quality issue and Kleer need a bulky dongle. I was thinking a WiFi solution must be the best thing. When a Japanese distributor exhibits this new gear in the Tokyo headphone show, I asked a trial. Then I was trying pre-production model of Companion one loaned from them. Now I got a production...
The name shown is X1 but it would be changed to S1 in production version.
I believe Onkyo USB driver is a user space driver which is the same to UAPP, not usual kernel space driver.
> I suppose that the Onkyo USB HF Driver is included in a new version of the Onkyo HF Player. Yes. Exactly like UAPP. But the availability is not announced yet.
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