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Nice review tomscy2000. I am also sharing my experience on Companion one. I always thought I need a wireless portable audio solution in this Smartphone age. But BT has a sound quality issue and Kleer need a bulky dongle. I was thinking a WiFi solution must be the best thing. When a Japanese distributor exhibits this new gear in the Tokyo headphone show, I asked a trial. Then I was trying pre-production model of Companion one loaned from them. Now I got a production...
The name shown is X1 but it would be changed to S1 in production version.
I believe Onkyo USB driver is a user space driver which is the same to UAPP, not usual kernel space driver.
> I suppose that the Onkyo USB HF Driver is included in a new version of the Onkyo HF Player. Yes. Exactly like UAPP. But the availability is not announced yet.
Onkyo reveals HF Player Android version. Same functionality to iOS version PLUS app internal driver like UAPP that ensures hires output. That is call ONKYO USB HF Driver. This internal driver allows 352kHz/24 PCM and native DSD via DoP.
I also tried to playback music files on FLOW internal SSD via ES File explorer. But it failed. ES file explorer recognise FLOW as a external USB device and I can see an additional USB icon. However ES file explorer is not able to read the contents and error occurs. FLOW SSD was formatted with exFAT so I formatted FLOW again with FAT32 but failed.. NTFS was the same. Does anyone know a good replacement of ES file explorer? I need a OTG device mount feature and capable of...
Hi Danba,Thank you for the good translation and posting my article.I think Android mixer does resample all the audio stream into 48kHz like Windows XP Kmixer.What do you think?I think we need a Mac AudioMidi like settings in Android to prevent the forced resample.
Not yet.
Because DA-10 has high gain mode (+12dB) but DA-300 has not. I don't know why they did not implement gain-sw in DA-300. When I tried DA-300 I found it's hard to get enough SPL with HD800&low-level recordings and I told them so.
PM sent. Sorry for hijacking the thread .. Going back to mDAC, it was also there. Their planned domestic price is a good price I think. I hope it sells well here.
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