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I was there. The English instruction is not good to tell the timing.1. Press power, press rew and hold both key.2. Hold till .. "Calyx M" - blank - Clef log - blank - "Calyx M" appears again.3. Now release both key. (you may release both earlier but not sure)4. Press power, press rew and hold both key again.5. Immediately after step4, release rew only. (While pressing power)6. Now you get an Android system recovery displayed upside down. (this is the blue print mentioned...
Great repot!
Sorry but I can not reveal further info..
This is Suyama FitEar's new universal product going to be exhibited in coming Tokyo headphone show. This is not delivered from parterre nor togo334, this is of new design. I felt this one delivers a great spatial expansion and holographic instrument separation. This one is considerably better than Parterre in this regard. Fairly transparent like Parterre and instrument timbre is good. Here is another. FitEar Gatling(aka FitEar Gundam). FitEar opened this as April...
I got my Portaphile Micro Muses01 version. I hooked it up with RWAK120-B(via singled ended). This combo sounds remarkably good. Even though it is just out of box, I swapped back and forth with my previous Portaphile 627. This is not a formal audition but I felt Muses01 version is even better to bring out the subtle detail representation of RWAK120-B. Muses01 version is awesome. At first I thought the Muses version would be dry and analytical but I feel the sound signature...
Here is a Walkman-iFI chart but I think Hugo would be the same. You need a male adapter.
The blog must be mine. Yes it's Android based but AK240 and ZX1 are different.Android in AK240 is consealed from users. I realised it by looking a directory strucrure. Later I confirmed it by asking to iriver fellow.Seems like AK240 does not take a smartphone aproach seen in ZX1.
The interviewer in the part2 is me
Hi all, thank you for the comments. > I believe that the i compatible USB imput of the HUGO is limited to 16 bits/44 kHz ?? Yes hires USB input requires a custom driver so you can not install it on iPads.
Thanks.You can use optical cable to hook AK100 up with Hugo.
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