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> Hi, I'm a complete noob on the RPI, does the HifiBerry Dac sound better than the Mojo and how do these setups compare to computer or CD players? TIA! DAC-wise the Mojo is better. But you can use your favorite amp in DAC+ setup.The SQ is well comparable to usual DAP+amp setups. Plus you can use decent remote iPhone player(I use iPeng9). I think you can also refer to this link if you are worrying about SQ of RPI+Hifiberry. Bryston employs RPI&Hifiberry Digi+ in their...
This is my another Raspberry PI setup on the go. RPI2(piCorePlayer), Hifiberry DAC+, Portaphile627 and a mobile battery(2500mAh) Sounded awesome! My portable RPI article is here(sorry Japanese). http://vaiopocket.seesaa.net/article/435943475.html
> Have you tried Coax/Optical connectors via Digi+ instead of USB? I do. Here is my Mojo setup with RPI2 and Digi+ via Coax, running with piCorePlayer 204.
As for Nebula One, I felt full and spacious good sounding for the price(us$99?). I think it's good.
Hi all, I uploaded my report for the Mook show here. Sorry it's Japanese but you can enjoy pictures. http://vaiopocket.seesaa.net/article/431498916.html
Nice review tomscy2000. I am also sharing my experience on Companion one. I always thought I need a wireless portable audio solution in this Smartphone age. But BT has a sound quality issue and Kleer need a bulky dongle. I was thinking a WiFi solution must be the best thing. When a Japanese distributor exhibits this new gear in the Tokyo headphone show, I asked a trial. Then I was trying pre-production model of Companion one loaned from them. Now I got a production...
The name shown is X1 but it would be changed to S1 in production version.
I believe Onkyo USB driver is a user space driver which is the same to UAPP, not usual kernel space driver.
> I suppose that the Onkyo USB HF Driver is included in a new version of the Onkyo HF Player. Yes. Exactly like UAPP. But the availability is not announced yet.
Onkyo reveals HF Player Android version. Same functionality to iOS version PLUS app internal driver like UAPP that ensures hires output. That is call ONKYO USB HF Driver. This internal driver allows 352kHz/24 PCM and native DSD via DoP.
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