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Hey all, I've got a brand new bottlehead crack + speedball kit for sale, no parts missing. There's just no way I'd be able to find time to build it because I'm busy with college, so I figured it would be better for me sell it to help pay for tuition/class fees. I'm looking for SOLD shipped to conus. Thanks for looking!. I'll add some pics after class tomorrow.
Ah, I see. I didn't realize the hefty price tag of the shures either. 300 bucks is the most I'm willing to stretch my budget at this point, so I think I'm just going to go for the x2s when my next paycheck comes in. 
I've got the xl pads actually, haha. The m100s are punchy and fun to listen to, but don't really extend any deeper than the 650s, which is why I'm looking for something like the x2 or he400. Honestly, I'm pretty sold on the x2 though and will probably pick one up on amazon once they're back in stock.   MLE: how do the shures compare to the x2 purely sound wise? 
Thanks for the suggestions, but I've tried both of the above and unfortunately they're both too uncomfortable for me to wear. The momentum's earcups are too small and the urbanites clamp too hard and I can only wear them for at most an hour at a time. Also, the momentum and urbanite aren't quite at the hd650/x2 level in terms of audio fidelity. Although I'm looking for a bassier headphone than the 650, I'd like it to sound better than a portable can since I'm only going to...
Wow, wasn't expecting this. The x2s are looking like a solid choice.Any suggestions? I haven't had much experience with closed back cans. I have a pair of vmoda m100s but the only time they get head time is when I'm at the library studying since they're so portable, but the 650 is on a completely different level. I've heard good things about the mad dogs, but I'm hesitant to try them due to the restocking fee on returns.
How old are your original pads? In my experience, the pads tend to get compressed over time, so brand new pads are generally a bit taller than worn in ones.
Would you say that it's worth owning the x2s alongside the hd650s if I'm only using them for bassier music? I love the hd650 and I think it's somewhat of a jack of all trades like you're describing the x2s to be, but the only area I've found it lacking in is bass extension. The reason the x2 piqued my interest is because I've heard only good things about it's bass, and I need a headphone specifically for hip-hop and edm. I guess what I should be asking is, how does the x2...
Thanks MLE, I think I might just have to pick up a pair of x2s to try them for myself. I don't really mind worse mids than the 650, as all I'm looking for is a headphone with better bass extension for listening to hip-hop and edm. 
Do these dig significantly deeper than the hd650s in the bass department? I love my 650s but sometimes I'm left wanting more bass extension. I was thinking about picking up a pair of these or something like the he-400.
The material is worse than the originals, but not by too much. There weren't any glaring problems with them- they were just shallower. If they didn't change the sound so much I'd be keeping them.
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