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  Anything off of this album really   Another one by the same artist:  
I'm considering selling my lyr for a crack after reading all the good things matt has said about it. I'm just worried about building the thing-- i've never soldered before so hopefully I don't do something bad that is irreversible.
Try the lyr.
    Spotify- Aphex Twin – Gwety Mernans: Do yourself a favor and listen to this in hq. Itunes-
Try Florence + the Machine's MTV Unplugged album if you liked the daughter video. Oh, and Lungs is also an excellent album.
This is amazing:
I literally had an asgard 2 in my cart today and checked head-fi on an impulse and saw this. I'm planning on getting customs, so unfortunately the lyr has to go. I guess I'll wait and see if the vali is any good with iems.
Keb' Mo' by Keb' Mo' sounds pretty amazing on my 650s.
I haven't heard the ue6000,but the 558 completely blows the m50s out of the water. The m50s are tinny sounding, with recessed mids and bloated bass. The 598s aren't necessarily neutral, as they are colored, but they are much closer than the m50s. They also have amazing mids, and I didn't find the highs or bass lacking, either. Unless you need a closed can, I'd go for the 558s.
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