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Do the ambients offer as much noise isolation as the u series does? On the kickstarter it sounds like the ambients are semi-open, but the 1964 ears site says that the noise isolation is adjustable via the adel module.
My listing price is 300 with the green hornet tubes, so that'd be in your price range.
Yup it's a 1.
What would be a good budget tube to replace the 12AU7? Mine is making really loud and obnoxious buzzing noises if the amp gets moved/shaken at all. 
Got the crack+speedball in today, and my first impressions are very positive. I was expecting it to sound a lot more like a tube amp than the lyr, but it actually sounds tighter and cleaner than the lyr does. Bass is very tight and controlled, and the mids are incredible. It definitely has a much blacker background than the lyr, and the soundstage is great. This thing is dead quite when music isn't playing. I'll have to keep listening, but overall i'd say it's a definite...
Just bought a crack+speedball for my 650s. Hopefully it's a noticeable improvement over my lyr!
If you found the momentum uncomfortable, these certainly won't be any better. They clamp pretty hard and i can only wear them for about two hours at most. I can manage around an two and a half hours with the XL. They certainly aren't fatiguing, but I do find them dull. To me it sounds like the treble is pretty recessed, but then there is a bit of sparkle in the really high end. I would only use them over the momentum if I wasn't listening to hip hop, rap, or edm. I also...
I've had both the on ear and XL for a few days now. I definitely prefer the on ears by quite a large margin. The XL is slightly more comfortable but they end up hurting my ears after a while since the ear cups are so shallow. Sound wise, the on ear also beats out the XL. I already thought the on ear was a bit veiled, but the XL is really veiled. Vocals sound worse and the bass doesn't hit as hard(not really sure why). If you're debating between the two, I'd definitely go...
Thanks for the input. I'm gonna have to think about whether i want to shell out the extra 150 because at 550 dollars the qi is already stretching my budget. Would you say that the v-6 stage is around as bassy as the qi? I really love good sub bass and a slight mid bass hump.
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