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I've been demoing various portable headphones and haven't really find anything that I've enjoyed, so I'm really considering getting customs again. I'm currently looking at the v-6 stage and the qis. Would the v-6s be a considerable upgrade over the qis? I definitely prefer a slightly bassier sound sig, and I've heard both have excellent bass.
Hey guys, I'm selling a schiit lyr amp in excellent condition. Since moving to college, the lyr hasn't been getting much use and I could use some extra money for tuition. The amp itself is in great condition with no physical flaws, and still works as well as the day I got it. It probably has around 300 hours on it, and was purchased in the beginning of 2013. Asking 325 shipped conus via paypal + 3% fees or send as a gift.
I'm looking into getting a pair of customs for college since i won't be getting as much use out of my hd650s. I'm currently looking at the v3 and qi. As a bass lover, which one should I go  for?
  Anything off of this album really   Another one by the same artist:  
I'm considering selling my lyr for a crack after reading all the good things matt has said about it. I'm just worried about building the thing-- i've never soldered before so hopefully I don't do something bad that is irreversible.
Try the lyr.
    Spotify- Aphex Twin – Gwety Mernans: Do yourself a favor and listen to this in hq. Itunes-
Try Florence + the Machine's MTV Unplugged album if you liked the daughter video. Oh, and Lungs is also an excellent album.
This is amazing:
I literally had an asgard 2 in my cart today and checked head-fi on an impulse and saw this. I'm planning on getting customs, so unfortunately the lyr has to go. I guess I'll wait and see if the vali is any good with iems.
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