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Modmic is badass and voice quality is very good. If you go separate mic (highly recommended) then look at this thread for good headphones in your price range
kind of a waste of cash imo. you'll be better of upgrading other things, like room acoustics, speakers, music collection. those things will actually make a difference 
whats wrong with what you have now? is it causing problems of some kind?
whats wrong with your ST? Seems like its doing the job just fine
Wow, you dont mess around lol. Let us know how you like that setup :)
  Agree 100%.   Just too much misinformation going around about dacs, wasapi, windows, and other sound related stuff. People just need to take a chill pill and enjoy their music :)
I think youre at that point where you need to try a few headphones out and find that sound you like. Beyerdynamic is very good and has a "fun" sound. Cant describe it better then that. From what you say I think you'll like their sound. Unfortunately trying out headphones isnt easy unless you find some nice locals that have what you want to try and are willing to let you have a listen or you find a nice site that has a good return policy. I havent listened to the 650's...
What do you want to improve. You say your headphone experience has been underwhelming. What do you find to be lacking? And have you tried your headphones with other devices? If so how did they sound compared to the pc?    Almost always if you're finding something to be lacking in your listening experience then you need to get different speakers and or headphones first. You need to find that sound signature you like then you can start to improve your electronics. Look...
+1.    @kim, Focus on getting better speakers and/or headphones. Or if you're happy with your current setup then focus on getting more media (cds/games/movies)
  What are the speakers?
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