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Thx m8
No, believe you me, I know there are definitely enough people out there rich enough to buy these without batting an eye, I'm not that naive. Having said that, it's a question of how many people would actually be interested enough to buy these. Most people out there aren't audiophiles, and you might be surprised at how many rich people are actually incredibly thrifty.  Even among rich audiophiles, I could see a lot going for a cheaper (but still really nice) alternative,...
What is the percentage of people that are actually audiophiles? The vast majority of those people really wouldn't care about these.  And of the ones that did, I'm sure a fair percentage would still seek a cheaper alternative lest they be worth more than a couple million dollars where $55,000 begins to seem insignificant. If I were worth $1,000,000 these would be over 5% of my total net worth, that's still expensive.  $5,000,000 is still a little over 1% which is still...
Oh, I was under the impression these were out as I've heard reports from numerous people who'd demo'd them that they were awesome.  Guess they were public/private auditions. I know it's all relative, but I can't help but wonder what market Sennheiser is appealing to.  Gotta be a market of people who can afford to drop 55K without too much concern, but that market can't be too big... 55K is too expensive to just save up for on a whim (or even over many months) too, so I'd...
Has anybody here on HeadFi actually bought these at full price?   I'm sure these sound great, but at this price I can get a Porche Cayman.. I think I'd get a lot more fun out of that.
Do you know if these are fazor or pre-fazor?
Based on communications it was a sizing issue. for both of us.
My ear canals are very narrow so when the impressions were completed they were also very narrow. Too narrow to use wood for apparently as I was told a prestige pair wasn't possible using my impressions but that a normal set with a wizard design and wooden faceplates would still be possible.Likely I think the concern was that the wood would be too thin and susceptible to cracking but acrylic would be more durable.I'd just never heard of this happening before so I thought I...
My ear canals are too narrow for my prestige and I need to downgrade
Thank you for your input.The reason I'm interested in balanced cables is based off past experience using a LCD-3 with and without balanced where I was impressed by the balanced setup.Portable balanced and desktop balanced are 2 different things though, I'm aware the comparison is uneven. Just using it as a reference point.
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