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Yeah, prices weren't that great and I also noticed some things became more expensive as I think somebody noted.
That's too bad you're EU only, I totally would have traded you my mint rosewood LCD-2 for keeps if you have a mint rosewood LCD-2!
For sale is a Koss ESP-950 including its energizer & carrying case that I got as part of a trade a few months ago, I would place the condition around 8/10.     I'm asking a flat $500, buyer covers shipping ($30) & PayPal fees (3% or gift).  I'd prefer to keep this CONUS, but I am willing to ship internationally to reputable members who are willing to cover the increased shipping rates.     Price is firm.   ~ Scott
They're out of stock right now, but Amazon has the Hifiman HE-400i for $408 with prime.  Order now and it'll get shipped when Amazon gets new stock
Serial #0092 here, great opportunity to pick up a great pair of headphones.
I remember a few months ago when buysonic had new HD 800s for $999. musicdirect is a good store though, picked up my marantz amp/dac from them
They dont make your eara itch? I like velour, but those pads were itchy!I kinda want to try out the he400i, but i told myself i wouldnt go back to hifiman unless it were for a cheap he500 with some j$ pads or something
I tried the HE-400 and the two biggest positive traits it had were bass & treble, but apparently the 400i has reduced the bass somewhat.  Maybe it's got rid of other shortcomings of the 400, but it sounds like a nail in one of the phones best traits.  Besides, the new earpads are sooo scratchy.
I dunno when it happened but apparently HE-500s are $499 on Amazon now?  Awesome pickup IMO, I liked the HE-500 alot more than the HE-560
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