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Liking the skoll 1/4" to 1/8" adapter I ordered.  Craftsmanship looks high and the cable seems very light and durable.   Thanks
Looking forward to getting the Skoll adapter I ordered
Those look really nice and the price is awesome.  Can't even see the dent you're talking about.  Good luck
Post some pics!  Nice price
No, I've seen used prices floating around 200, but haven't been able to find them under 299 new. Been a lot of coupon deals lately though, so who knows
L> $199.99 HE-400 =D
The Xbone has most of the games I want.  There's a few on the ps4 that I'd want to try like the Order, but I'm more bothered by all the exclusive content universal games get on the ps4. i.e. diablo 3 content and destiny early beta access.
Wicked price for wicked headphones.  Good luck!
Sexy looking cables   Also, a portable HD800 setup... interesting.
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