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Not a hard price, offers are 100% welcome and encouraged.
So I hear, I've just been trying to get offers to figure out what they're worth.I don't plan on trying to sell them 50% above the market rate.I just don't know the market, so you know, start higher and work your way down.
...Which is why I'm asking for offers, because I don't know how these are priced in the used market, but people keep slamming me for pricing these high. This was originally an interest check listing, but I changed it to a for sale listing to get more responses. If I sell these at the listing price, great, but I'm 100% open to offers too. So please, don't ask why they're priced highly and understand I'm just trying to sell them for whatever the market rate is - which I...
I can't tell if you think it's well priced or terribly priced?  lol I was just trying to get an interest check.   I paid 2k for these, but I don't follow the used market closely.
Don't know, but it's definitely not $999.   I just wanted to throw them out there and see what offers I got.
Getting an interest check on a 2 year old Marantz HD-DAC1. I like how it sounds, but my AK240 + Chord Hugo is just too good (as I would hope since they were 5x the price).   Only amp + power cable included.   Thanks for looking!
Audeze LCD-1s, only 25 of these in the world.   Originally purchased from this classified:   Price includes shipping + PP fees.   Edit: Re-opened   Edit2: Added a price   Edit3: SOLD
Redoing this classified. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ For sale is a pair of Kaiser 10 customs, used for around 20 hours. Included is the storage case and stock cables. I may be able to throw in some Norne cables at an added cost, let me know if you're interested. Photos of my pair are shown, but please be aware that the design will be removed when you...
Thx m8
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