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If this thread is why boxboxbox got banned that's pretty disappointing.  Ebay is legally binding, if the seller didnt want to sell an ED10 for $900 he could have always used a reserve price.  Boxboxbox was in the right here.
Pretty sick deal.   Good luck with sale
I always did like the look of the LE more than any of the other editions.  Looks more classic.   Pretty nice price for the LE.  Good luck selling.
Luckily I wasn't the one who did the mods and so I only ended up paying around what I'm asking for these to pick them up, but $2,375 must have hurt for the guy I picked them up from.  That's a $1,125 - $1,225 loss, ouch.   GL with your LA5k pick up as well, hope you enjoy them =D
I picked up a fully modded Denon LA-7000 a month or two back and have decided to part ways with it as I have found myself listening to other headphones more often, particularly my orthos.   This headphone is a Lawton modded Denon D7000 that has been outfitted with the Lawton dampening mod, the Lawton pads, African Wenge cups, and a 7.5' Jena Labs Queen cable terminated in 3 pin Furutech plugs.   Also included will be J$ earpads for Denon headphones (the ones on the...
Oh, sorry missed that
What's the manufacture date? Are they fazor?
I was hoping somebody could provide me some comparisons of the svetlana 3 compared to the svetlana 2.  I was considering picking up a svetlana 2 for my audio technica w3000anv and I noticed the svetlana 3 for $400USD cheaper, but I haven't heard anything about it. I looked around but couldn't find anything about the 3.  If anybody has heard the svetlana 3 could you provide impressions especially if you've heard the audio technica w3000anv.   Appreciate it,   Scott
Has anybody tried the svetlana 3 with these? I was thinking about picking up a svetlana 2 for my w3kanv and I saw that there was a svetlana 3. I haven't heard anything about it and would be interested to know how it stacks up to the svetlana 2 especially in regards the the w3kanv
As a mid range lover these are my favorite headphones of all time.  The only headphones that come close for me are the LCD-2r1 or maybe the HE-500.  Been almost 2 years since I first tried these and they still get the most love.
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