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$450 AUD = $352 USD.... why don't I live in Australia....
Is the romeo edition not just a normal Ed. 8 with new aesthetics?
Sell all your headphones and buy a used Audio Technica W3000ANV for $1100-$1300, they're my all time favorite headphones.   Otherwise, a used Fostex TH900 for $1k is pretty nice, I really like mine.   For portability maybe a used Ultrasone Ed8 for $600-$800 (unless you want the limited edition which I always thought looked the nicest for 1kish)?
Looking to pickup a pre fazor LCD-2 in rosewood, send me a pm and we can work out a price case by case. Newer/lower hours/better condition preferred. Price also negotiable based on accessories (i.e. new cables, extra earpads, extra headband).
Actually, MusicDirect had a fairly large batch in November new & sealed for $850 ea (rosewood) so there may still be a few in some warehouse somewhere  
Usually the fazor edition though.  I'm looking for a non-fazor version.
somebody give me a lcd-2c deal.  Musicdirect had some new for $850 in november
Well, not everything they're selling is marked as final
Actually, if it weren't for the $30 shipping it would be a pretty good deal I think
I agree that they aren't out to scam anybody, if it does turn out to be an error I would expect them to cancel all orders or give buyers the option. Time will tell.
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