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I've been loving the GR07s (CCE, but don't judge) for over the past year I've had 'em. Sadly, the wiring in the left monitor was doomed from the moment I got them, as it wasn't fitted into the cable sleeve properly, and it didn't occur to me as being an issue, and they still served me well. I think it's been long enough to shell out the cash for the upper high end tier, coming from where I am now. My two main considerations are the Sennheiser IE8/80 (can never remember...
I'm not looking for cheap, which it seemed the Colored edition is of actual different quality. I just know that the MKII and BE are very comparable. I'll probably place an order for the MKII in the morning.
Lend Me Ur Ears has the Bass Edition for about $30 less than I've seen the MK2 listed elsewhere. I feel like I would be more in line to get the MKII, since I more enjoy the clarity and can just DAC for bass. Does anyone think the deal is worth it, am I not losing a ton of clarity and treble height? I listen to mostly Indie, Indie Rock, Alt. Rock, Punk, some Metal, Electronic, and Dubstep. Obviously, the GR07 is a versatile IEM all on it's own, but this decision is...
Obviously looking for the cleanest, yet fun to listen to, sound. Pairing with am EQ would be fine. Also looking for high build quality, mostly I'm the cable. 
I recently bought these IEMs and gave them a try out, intending to later return them and get a better deal from Amazon. I've since done this, and am now in the budget of $150 to either repurchase these or go a different route. I looked at the Plantronics Back Beat Go 2s with the battery case, before even buying the Bluebuds, but figured I made the better choice, among purely Bluetooth IEMs. I used to consider the Sure 215s, but I hear things from both corners so, I'm not...
Thanks, though. I appreciate it. ^_^
I just don't like how they look. Haha. 
Just when I thought I had it figured out... I've come across the T Peos H-100 thread. Some in that thread say they match and some say they surpass. Can anyone offer some insight?
I had my eyes on the HiFiman HE-602, but it's a bit of a stretch, price-wise, right now. Is there something cheaper that I can get that will play high quality files and has a DAC that will hold me off for a few months until I can get the 602?
I find it hard to believe that, at $100+, all amps do is increase the volume. 
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