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REL subwoofers are a bit overpriced. Rythmik Audio makes great sealed subs that are better values than REL.
Agreed. It could be psychological, too. No. I'm not saying you are nuts. In the first place, audio memory is unreliable, and 2nd, we tend to adapt to a particular headphone sound. So for instance, I used to have the SR225is. They would sound strange at first if coming from a listening a lot to my car stereo or a set of headphones with a different sound signature.
Since you like reggae, do you like a lot of heavy bass emphasis, or just good "true" bass reproduction? If the latter, check into the Soundmagic HP100 and HP150. These are fairly neutral (aiming for accurate) sounding headphones. I don't know if you can get the HP150 in the UK yet since it just came out, but here is the HP100:
Probably not the case. The frequency response chart on the HP150 box appears to be exactly the same as the HP100 box. Both should probably preform similarly.
Neutron or Poweramp. Both are good. Install both of their freeware versions and experiment
Right. Open headphones will let in lots of sound, and other people will be able to hear what you are listening to. Open headphones are best for being used by yourself. Closed headphones seem to suit your needs the best.
You could always add a bit of bass boost if you want more impact out of the DT880s. Nice thing about them is that they are fairly linear through bass and midrange, and don't start to roll off until deep into the subbass region.
If it is a driver update that keeps close to the same sound, I won't be able to offer any comparisons based on subjective listening tests of others. And the measurements indicate that there really shouldn't be any differences.But yeah. I was looking for a bit bassier headphone than the HP100 is reputed to be. So I have to think about whether or not I want to open the box. Amazon might get upset with me if I return any more headphones. LOL
If the drivers have been changed at all, one would expect that there would be some minute differences in the frequency response chart.Besides, even if I try them, won't help anyone else looking for an HP100 comparison as I've never heard the HP100s.
Might want to hold off on that HP150 purchase if you are expecting a different headphone from the HP100. I just posted some box scans over on the HP150 thread, and the frequency response chart on the box looks to be the same to me as the HP100.
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