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I use MP3s, so don't know about AAC. Why not convert some and try and see what you think? Then do this comparison test that Lifehacker talks about: http://lifehacker.com/5903625/mp3-or-lossless-see-if-you-can-hear-the-difference-with-this-test
I would recommend getting a Modi 2, and then returning it if you don't like it: https://www.amazon.com/Modi-USB-Digital-Analog-Converter/dp/B00SCCSJVA/ My experience with the HE-400 is that they do scale with better SQ because of the excellent transient response. So since you feel like you know your desktop's output is not as good as your Macbook, seems worth giving it a shot. The Modi 2 should be even better as a DAC than your Macbook. Worth the return shipping to...
Look into the Note 5. Measures about the same with external amp as the LG V10, and better with headphones.
Chord Mojo is a forum favorite right now: http://www.headfonia.com/review-chord-mojo-the-chosen-one/
I don't understand why a 30 year old audio company needs a kickstarter project. If they can't float the cash to make the product, makes me wonder.
People that are into bass generally stay away from the ATH-AD series. Look into the Phillips X1 and X2 models.
+1 Another vote for Modi/Magni. If you can step up your budget a little, consider the Audio GD NFB-11.
Right. Science is just a gimmick
Doesn't always work to do it by ear. Even a 0.5 db difference in volume can bias the results.Certainly, you can do your own style of subjective testing if you want to make your own decisions. We all tend to do that. But since you have been wondering why other people find the meridian and O2 to sound about the same, it can be your comparisons methods, which by audio science standards, are significantly flawed.
Definitely a good option for you
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