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I like your point about mood swings. When I listen to my Grados for a day or so, and then switch back to my NAD HP50, the HP50 sound dead, dull, and lifeless. But, after a short while, my ears adjust to the different frequency response and they sound great. And then Grados, when I switch back once adjusted to the HP50, sound way overly aggressive in upper mids/treble at first. So even outside of confirmation bias effects, I am very aware that my brain is fickle about...
Well, it may be that the PS4 will downmix to 2.0. But I do know that cables don't downmix.
It's a 2 channel DAC. Needs 2 channel input, not 5.1.
Can you set the PS4 to output only stereo over optical? The NFB-11 will definitely not take a multichannel signal. I would imagine it has to be 2 channel PCM.
+1And also if the person is adding a lot of EQ or not.
Nothing wrong with the 62 ohm impedance figure. Innerfidelity measured K7XX as 66 ohms, which could be the difference in the specific estimation process. Close enough not to discredit AKG's specification.
If you look at the specs, you can tell that the HP-A4's headphone amp is a lot weaker with only 100mw at 32 ohm. The NFB-11 is rated 3500mW/25 ohm & 1800mW/50 ohm (32 ohm will be somewhere in between). Then note that the HP-A4's power consumption is only 2.5W vs 12W for the NFB-11. So if you want a headphone amp that will easily drive a wide range of headphones like the NFB-11 can, the HP-A4 is not it.
Sci-fi writing that makes no sense:'s basically "blah, blah, blah ....improves music playback atmosphere, soundstage, timbre, dynamics, and music fidelity." So people buy $100 packs of stickers based on science that they can't understand because it's not real? ROFL
Cables forum. No discussion of DBT, confirmation bias, or anything like that should cloud discussion of your evaluation.I wonder if Cholula works better with rock or jazz? Or I suppose I could stereotype and guess it works best on Rodrigo y Gabriela
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