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They make this really cool device that does all these things: it's called an AVR Denon 1513 fits your budget. Does your computer have HDMI or optical out? If so, you are all set
Well, if you want more noticeable/punchy bass than the M50s, then either the treble or mid presence will have to suffer a bit in that you only have more bass by having it be more than something else. Also, what do you mean by the M100s being too "aggressive?"
Grados are great for rock and worth the slight discomfort (I don't find them that uncomfortable), IMO.
It depends. There is no "logical progression" that fits everyone. You should describe(a) what you like about the M50s(b) what you would like to improve upon
Emotiva is an Internet direct vendor. I think they are based out of North Carolina. They have a good reputation in the home audio world of providing excellent value amps, dacs, and powered monitors.
If she likes music, she might want a pair of the HP150s. You might let her borrow them for a little bit. The easiest way to get the girlfriend or wife more accepting of an audio hobby is to get them a little involved in it
That site has a lot of nice equipment. If you do decide you want an amp or dac/amp, they might be worth checking (I don't know EU prices). Be sure to come share your impressions of the HP150 in the impressions thread: Good place to ask questions about DAC/amps that people are using if you decide you want one
Once DAC quality (and the pre-amp in it) reaches a certain level of accuracy and transparency, you definitely get diminishing returns spending more. I don't want to tell you to buy the Focusrite 2i2 without doing more research since I don't own it and haven't heard it. Now if I researched it and found that the 2i4 model had a bit better DAC and SQ, I'd probably go with that for the extra $50 because I'm prone to upgraditis and would fear I'd wonder if I could get a little...
Also check out Innerfidelity's measurement downloads And then Golden Ears has a lot of measurements as well: I recommend being wary, though, of how closely you compare frequency response measurements between the three of those measurements sites as their measurement process and correction for sound perception may result in slightly different results.
I was slow on posting and missed your response. Darn. CEntrance HiFi-M8 is too far out of my budget range for now. I'm looking to upgrade my E12 for something with as much (or more) power, but better SQ. Not for the HP150s so much as some of my other more difficult to drive headphones.
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