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Woot has ATH-OX5s for $65 it is the sonic fuel series. Can't seem to find any discussion or reviews on these. Good deal or dog?
+1The Airmotivs are good speakers
No wonder mine was bad. You got all the good ones
I almost ordered them, and should have.But instead, I got the Amazon Warehouse Momentum On Ears today. The mids sounded horribly recessed and hollow. Tried the non-microphone cord, and only one channel would work. Guess the jack is broken. Sending them back
Seems like you got a good deal
What 7.1 speaker setup do you have?
Here's where you go to buy/sell/trade:
+1If you ebay it (or sell it on head-fi), you ought to get a good bit out of it
Who says expectation bias is based on conscious assumptions?Exactly. Just subjectivist claims on your part. This is the sound science forum.
And did you ABX or DBT to make certain the difference was there, and not just expectation bias?
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