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That's not it. I grew up with vinyl. Don't miss it at all The "you can't afford it" and "the I know better because of my expensive audio collection" type comments should be modded on Head-Fi. It's just wrong to imply that others don't have the right to speak because they haven't (or can't) spend the money on it. This is the worst kind of audiophile elitism.
NOOOOO!!! Don't admit failure! If you do so, you'll discredit yourself--and science--with the multibitheads for all eternity!
You must be finding the rare few that are not totally entrenched in that epistemology. But that's the hard part here on Head-Fi: so many already are probably beyond convincing. It's been demonstrated that people resist major paradigm shifts, and that's the situation here. It would be hard for them to shake those beliefs.The bigger implication is the sociological/cultural impact of Sagan's book ExtremeGamerBR referenced. People in our society (both audiophiles and not) use...
Too bad Sagan isn't around so we could have him write a chapter on audiophiles. LOL
The problem is that their epistemology is based on (1) a form of rationalism with the primary premise, "If I can hear better sound, then it must be true that it exists." Then (2) they apply their own form of skepticism based on the premise that science is often wrong, so it must be wrong when it doesn't support their anecdotal experience. So referencing science and engineering can never work to counter their anecdotal experience because it has already been negated by the...
That would make sense, too. Schiit saw an opportunity to make a new/old type of DAC that almost no one has. And now that it sells for more on the website, everyone believes it to be better.
The most obvious answer seems the most likely: because the marketing prose told them it was better.
That was obviously a joke, if you took a moment to recognize the big smiley face underneath the pitcure. It's what came up in when I selected the phrase "VAL CDs" in your post and let Chrome run a Google search.But since you want to belabor this issue and defend being rude, I'll be blunt. This "DigitalPropellerHeads" tired a long time ago of your subjectivist diatribes. I often have better things to do with my time, and I am not going to go back and read through them to...
Cowboy tunes?
I wouldn't see an ultimate potential over object oriented sound which would seem more likely to be better able to simulate the same spatial presentation as another room, whereas headphones only have two transducers to try to achieve that with. So I'm really looking forward to when we get some good blu-ray concerts in Atmos or DTS:X to see what it can do
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