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Another vote for Audio-GD
Why would you think that?
I'm using Chrome Version 38.0.2125.104 m
That's really weird since I have 64bit Windows, too. There's a decent change we ought to be able to figure out what the difference is.So by section, do you mean sub fora? Gotta screenshot you can share of the error?
Just in case this helps, I had more than one cookie listing for head-fi for Chrome, and I deleted them all. The Intro forums index is still working well for me after that.
The method I described allows one to do the same thing. But yeah. This is a bit simpler
The O2 is an excellent accurate headphone amp. Great choice
Yep. Same for me. I think you might have already answered your question with this statement That being said, other headphones you might try are the modded versions of the Fostex T50RP that are being sold.
You might ask in this thread to see if anyone else has experienced this problem and how they solved it:
In that case, consider also saving up for the FiiO X3 DAP. That's a nice "extra gear" to carry in your pocket. Same amp/dac hardware as in the E17.
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