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B&H has a photo on their webpage of the back panel. I'm sure Yamaha has a manual for it somewhere that has explanations of the inputs, if you need it.
You should not stack another electronics unit directly on top of a receiver/amplifier. Most have holes for venting heat that would cover up. A smaller amplifier unit is an Emotiva mini-x a-100. Or, for strictly desktop use, this Indeed TA2021 t-amp is quite good (I own two), and it is very small (check the specs). It will get plenty loud nearfield. They also make a more powerful, but a little larger digital amp, the TDA7498E. Then an HSU STF-1 or Outlaw M8 8" ported sub...
Nice! Be sure to come back and share your impressions of how it sounds
^^ Agreed. Those are excellent headphones, but probably a bit more than AD700X. AD700X should be easier to drive than those AKG's. I don't know if that's a problem for the Astro Mixamp or not.
I have a receiver with my desktop setup. He didn't say he didn't have space for one. He has a DAC/preamp, so he doesn't need the receiver volume control within reach. Why not let him speak for himself? (lol)So, NazgulKing, do you have any space limitations? A audio/video receiver would be a great choice to go with a sub as it has bass management.
Look into the Audio-GD NFB-15. It has RCA outputs for your speakers.
AD700X is an excellent idea. You are right in your thinking that this will make the mids and trebles stand out more when too much bass extension might cover that up during particularly loud, bass heavy events
How about an alternative suggestion? You should be able to find a t-amp in Singapore. These are small digital amps made for running passive speakers. Then that opens up more possibilities for you as an alternative to the computer multimedia speakers you are looking at.
I haven't heard the HE-300 to know how much bass they have, but for a bassy headphone, you might look into the Ultrasone HFI-580.
The NFB-15 does not drive speakers. Reread what I said. It has a more powerful headphone amp
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