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Yeah. Subwoofers can cause that problem. You ought to try my two 18" subwoofers and see what your neighbors think I haven't heard them, but seems like the HD518 would be a very good value at that price.
I think the Soundmagic HP150 are an excellent upgrade from the V6. They have better deep bass extension, and then overall have better detail resolution.
Ya shoulda bought a SVS SB-13 Ultra
Yes. But if you buy a nice DAC for your computer, might want to hook the speakers up to that. The NFB-15 is a good choice, and it has pre-amp outs so you can control the volume of the speakers with it.
I haven't heard the Xiaomi Pistons, but my understanding is that their sound signature leans toward bass emphasis. Something more neutral would likely work better for listening to audio books. Update: SteveHiFi beat me to it by a few seconds.
Yeah. Not much on there. Probably goes really fast when something good pops up if there is that little.
Glad those worked out for you And that makes sense about the dac/amps. The main advantage of the Modi/Magni stack over the Dragonfly is that you have way more headphone amp power should you get more difficult to drive headphones.
Any 70s receiver could easily need to be refurbished to sound its best. And the days of great vintage receiver bargains are over since hipsters decided a few years ago that it was the cool thing to own. So they are a neat conversational piece, but unlikely it would be a good value for you with your limited budget. The best bargain with someone with your budget is 8 to 15 year old mid level audio/video receivers. People dump them because they don't have HDMI or they don't...
Go search your local Craigslist and see if you can find a used audio/video receiver for under $100. That would give you more for speakers which would give you better SQ. I have Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE speakers. Internet direct brand that is a great value.
Have you ever carried a DAP + headphone amp? I find it really inconvenient myself.
New Posts  All Forums: