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If you order from Amazon, you can typically return them if you don't like whatever you decide on.
Vali is not going to do it if he's boosting the bass to 8/10 with his Fiio E07k to get the sound he wants. It's either new headphones or EQ/bass boost.
Before you buy, check Penon Audio for prices: http://penonaudio.com/. They ship internationally and sometimes have very good prices. Very good vendor.
I'm just testing for my personal pleasure, so I just use some of my favorite songs that stand out well for those characteristics, as well as different genres for different instrumentation types (electronic sounds, guitar, drums, voice, etc.) to hear those differences. To me it doesn't matter how a headphone will sound with some ultimate reference track, but with what I like best.
You are dangerously close to being a heretic. You'll want to come join in the Sound Science forum where others of like mind will gladly discuss confirmation bias and other factors that influence people
I have the X1. Works great, and I have almost stopped using my iBasso DX50 since I got it because I love the portability of its small size.
I'm pretty sure the Audioengines have never been marketed for pro audio use and have always heard they were targeting audiophiles.
I tried. But I couldn't understand from the explanation which graphs were showing what. Sorry.
I don't know. It depends on the price. The E11 model was updated to the E11K, and then later the name was changed to the A3 (but still E11K). I'm not sure I would save a few dollars and buy used when the A3 is not too expensive because I prefer to have the newer lithium battery.
ATH M50X are not too difficult to drive. So the primary benefit of using a dac/amp with a phone is that your headphones are not getting enough volume. If you are listening at volumes at or near where your phone is maxed out and/or your using EQ boost, an amp may certainly help. As you can see here from this review where they measured output, the G4 does much better when an amp is attached vs using headphones. Indeed, the measurements with the amp attach indicates that...
New Posts  All Forums: