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 Head One is gone, I'm afraid.Solid state + tube stage + Mundorf capacitorsSpanish engineer (a genius) + Dutch partner + development with University of Copenhagen.They will launch a whole range this year and next. It will dethrone some royalties. But pricing$will not be sweet.
 Simaudio MOON Neo 430HA
I'm selling this fantastic Metrum Pavane NOS Differential DAC   It's brand new, bought 4 weeks ago from official Dutch distributor.   Top notch musicality, very fluid, detail, fast as hell.   I could compare it with Chord QBD76 HD, Aqua La Scala, AMR DP777. It's better than all these, more organic, more incisive. Only contender which was better than the Metrum were brand new Aqua Optologic or Chord Dave (both around 11 000 €).   Complete with aluminium remote, CD,...
In mint condition, my Liquid Fire Cavalli. 240 v   Served with matched quad JJ Tesla 6922.   Complete : white coton sleeve with Cavalli logo, user's manual, certificate of conformity. Smoke-free, pet-free house.   This has been moderately used, in parallel with several other headphone amps : Bakoon HPA21, SPL Phonitor, Trafomatic Head One, Chord Hugo TT.   It matched the Bakoon, with more charm and musicality, more homogeneity, it was much better than the...
I've got both HPA21 and Cavalli in my listening room. Frankly, apart floor noise which is stellar with Bakoon, musically, differences are minimal.
The colour is silver. 
Selling my Fostex TH900 In excellent condition A few points of discoloration on black metal, tiny as a hair Urushi cups are perfect Headband is perfect Pads are new    These cans are really fantastic all-rounder, very large and deep soundstage, accurate positioning of instruments, generous bass but not overpowering when properly driven, mids are a little bit recessed, but highs are smooth.   With all original packaging and accessories, stand, box, outer box,...
Ultrasone 10 Limited # 1660 Like new Complete with box, original papers, stand. Barely used for test maybe a dozen hours.   Shipping cost for the buyer Bankwire preferred Paypal fee 3,6 %
I agree. Opposite of my TH900, of course, but nonetheless interesting, especially with Morton Feldman or Ligeti.
Some say it tops AMR for space and air. QBD76 has a real edge on both count. Plus piano with orchestra, piano flies distinctly when AMR is more blurred. Voices are more steady, have more poise. Impressive (if ugly IMHO, looks like a metal shellfish).
New Posts  All Forums: