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AK 120 complete bundle - new - sealed - AK 120 unit - AK 120 charging dock - AK 120 bluetooth remote - AK 120 spare buttero case   Value : 1400 €   Pictures to follow
Avoid IEM's.Prefer headphones.Doctor says.
More to the point : AK 120 with 2 x Wolfson or AK 120 II with 2 x Cirrus Logic ?
Why, no grants for A & K course ?
You plan to sold it, contact people (me) to sell it, and instantly change your mind and don't sell it anymore. You need to clean your act, here. 
Which tube to chose to improve the beast ? I currently have JJ Quad Tesla and liten mostly classical, orchestral, contemporary and jazz
Nilov is certainly complicated. I've been on and off negotiating this purchase with him for around 750 € for 4 months, yes and no, many eclipses,totally unconclusive.
I already did, of course.He already  did, of course. 
Mhh, I'm delighted to know that. I wonder if it's really possible to see such malfuction happen so suddenly (I used it less than 20 hrs). Costly ?
What did you do exactly ? Mine has the same problem. Bought it here from maxfazer, in like new condition and used it less than 20 hours since reception.thank you
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