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Up for sale my Chord Hugo TT Color is Silver Complete with box, original papers, remote, USB cable, power supply. In pristine condition, not a single scratch or marking.   It's still under warranty until September 2017 Board is brand new, replaced in November by Chord UK following a minor glitch (USB SD plug was not properly sealed).
Up for sale, this very special AMR DP-777 SE dac convertor in Silver. Two dac chips, one very upgraded philips R2R by Thorsten Loach for 16/44.1kHz conversion and another for HR files Sigma Delta.  The DP-777 SE switches automatically from one chip to another depending on the file it is receiving. Outstanding on its two functions as preamp and dac.   Selling it as it is replaced by a new preamplifier from a new brand.  Only used it with a cd transport (no PC, tv or...
I should add Chord after sales has been stellar, responsive, quick. I had a small problem with my TT and it will be solved in a matter of days.
Indeed.With Hugo TT and Sierra, no sound in USB HD, sound in USB SD only.With El Capitan, sound perfect all over (I checked in Audirvana : 384) I tried several fixes, even in Terminal. No avail.There's a whole thread on Apple Developer and Apple Communities…
Sierra sound problem : public Apple forum too, not developers only : https://discussions.apple.com/search.jspa?q=sierra%20no%20sound¤tPage=1&includeResultCount=true
After a few hours of listening session for a demo, comparing these two, I definitely favor the Ultrasone 10, especially for classical music. The way it differentiate voices, instruments is astonishing, and to me it's all the more astonishing to see how this can has been bashed by some here and elsewhere. Being from a musicians family, the Ultrasone is one of the rare cans (like TH900, a quite another signature) allowing to read music that way, especially complexe...
By the way, lovely blog you have… Even if I don't quite agree with your enthusiasm about HE1000.;-)
Chord and Audirvana officially stated a problem with Sierra.Apple developper forum (I'm part of it) is full of this USB problem with Sierra.https://forums.developer.apple.com/search.jspa?q=USB%20SierraMy other Macs are still with El Capitan, and no USB problem.
My TT is not in cause. Known issue with Sierra, USB and sound :https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/65232https://audirvana.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&p=3894&sid=c6f5475b8aae85ab8611a84f638013fd#p3894 I tested my TT with El Capitan on my second Macbook : no problem, SD and HD flawlessly.
That's an option, yes.Is the difference of quality marked between USB SD and HD from the TT ?
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