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17 buyers complaining of the same soldering problem on Amazon only are just fantasy, I suppose ?
So I suppose all customers complaining on Amazon are just mythomaniac…
Both are crap.  Both exhibit the same default : poor solding on internal cable causes no sound on right side (could be also left side). AKG Q701 has this default. AKG K701 has this default. Amazon website consumers are complaining about it. I made a fuss with Amazon. Their reply : we don't sell Q701 anymore. Of course, it's not available anymore ! K701 has same default, and Amazon sells it...
Selling my oustanding pair of Ocellias Quaero 300 B Silver Signature With two matched pairs of Psvane 300 B - T Series (less than 300 hours) with original box and certificate and two pairs of JAN Philips ECC82 (less than 500 hours)   Top of the line 300 B - Ocellia Quaro Signature Push Pull Mono Valve amplifiers, these will match Kondo Ongaku.  Rarely seen in the market.Wired with special order - SILVER Wired OUTPUT Transformers Output 15 Watts/channel from a pair...
Van Medevoort CT 460 from The Netherlands    Remarkable dutch transport, less well-known than big names like Ayon or Metronome. I own also the Metronome T2i and this transport is better with details (granted, Metronome has a larger image)   This unit is ex-demo (100 hrs), pristine, 1 year warranty, bought from official retailer   List price : 2300 £Looking for : 1550 £   Complete with box, remote, manual, papers
 Head One is gone, I'm afraid.Solid state + tube stage + Mundorf capacitorsSpanish engineer (a genius) + Dutch partner + development with University of Copenhagen.They will launch a whole range this year and next. It will dethrone some royalties. But pricing$will not be sweet.
 Simaudio MOON Neo 430HA
In mint condition, my Liquid Fire Cavalli. 240 v   Served with matched quad JJ Tesla 6922.   Complete : white coton sleeve with Cavalli logo, user's manual, certificate of conformity. Smoke-free, pet-free house.   This has been moderately used, in parallel with several other headphone amps : Bakoon HPA21, SPL Phonitor, Trafomatic Head One, Chord Hugo TT.   It matched the Bakoon, with more charm and musicality, more homogeneity, it was much better than the...
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