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Looking for that unit   Headamp GSX Mk II Headphone Amplifier 
Looking for HE1000 quality cables : - XLR female to connect XLR male OEM Hifiman to jack - Superminijack to jack   See pictures
What would be the best choice for HE1000 under 1500 € (apart EF6) ? With both XLR and RCA.
Soldering is done with a kind of wax around it, so it's not that easy.Plus, in the real world, outside this forum, any electrician will not do that kind of repair (I know, I asked 3 of them)or you will have to pay a standard fee of 50 € to do it (30 minutes work for a 5 min. soldering). Of course, AKGdoesn't offer to pay for this.In my book, this is not normal. I have pairs of cans several years old which never had the problem, and the AKGnever got outside the house.
Not when 17 customers complain of the same poor soldering in a single Amazon product page, both on previous and current model.Ripoff.
Supra Lorad cables In new condition - used for a demo Lengths: 2 x 1, 50m and 1 x 0, 75 m Price new : 130 € and 80 € Looking for : 80 € and 50 € Plug IEC IEC Male 10 Female 10A  Cable SUP_LORAD 2.5 mm² 
TH900 with HPA8 is vastly superior to LCD3, which is too clean and clinical. Even with + 15 dB gain on LCD3 (set on HPA8), TH900 gives much more dynamics, percussive bass, notably with Schoenberg piano concerto. LCD3 restrains music, giving it a clean and subdued tone (a bit like HD800), which I find boring. TH900 + HPA8 is really a winning team.  Only rival so far which I found convincing : Ultrasone 10 (despite all the babbling about sibilance, etc.),  this is a...
In perfect condition - like new Purchased in December 2015 List price: 2500 € 3 year warranty. 30 months remaining (attached invoice) With instructions, accessories, original box, invoice The most powerful model of the S range manufacturer Welsh. Rigid cabinet MDF 30 mm thick with internal reinforcements, speaker cone alloy grade aircraft aluminum (T355), second-generation digital amplification module. With most subwoofers, the lower midrange and upper-serious (in the...
17 buyers complaining of the same soldering problem on Amazon only are just fantasy, I suppose ?
So I suppose all customers complaining on Amazon are just mythomaniac…
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