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Did you try and listen QBD76?I found it more lively, larger and faster than TT.That said, the Pavane was another excellent choice, closer to HPA8: more delicate, fluid, rhythmicallymore engaging. 
After ample A/B listening with TT and HPA8-C, I parted ways with the TT. Found TT more punchy/meaty, but decided HPA8-C was more musical, even if more lightfooted. Finally, QBD76 seemed to me a better DAC than TT. Maybe it's just me. So I decided to go the DAVE way…
Cans dead after less than two years with moderate use Ridiculous rip-off
Hi, If it's sold, you'd better mark it as closed. Best
I wish you were right. Direct mode or not, Sierra + Audirvana is a no go at least with my 3 DAC (Chord - Fostex - Lumin).
Audirvana won't work correctly with Sierra. They advertised about it on their website.Kext file in OS Sierra has a bug.
Problem is you confirm purchase of a 2600 € piece of gear I'm selling, haggle on shipping costs, make me lose my time, don't pay, then disappear and don't even have the basic correctness to reply.  Buyer beware.
Something is wrong with your TT or your setup.
By the way anyone compared Lumin A1 to Hugo TT ? I've made a quick side by side and found it quite close. Lumin is maybe softer and a bit more liquid, Hugo is more punchy. Although Hugo was direct feed from the Mac (would need to stream it with some box like Sotm 200)
Finally, USB HD was working fine with Sierra… for a week… now back to bug one… Really painful here, Apple.
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