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tried both (i have the 4Rs) honestly for about double the price, soundwise i don't think the k3003s r very worth it. might as well buy customs :D
hihi i recently bought a pair of ue18s (reshelled by UM, going to have to reshell again), they sound really good, wide soundstage and all. BUT when i play music some songs have like screeching/hissing/crackling noises in the background(esp slower songs).... moreover you can hear abit of background sibilance... is this due to amp hiss? or is there a problem with the ue18s themselves? (appears to be sibilant/screechy on the left, and when i tried switching sides the right...
anybody has any opinions on these 3 ciems? i'm looking to buy a Merlin, but i found a 2nd hand jh13 for the same price(inclusive of the reshelling that is).... so i'm kinda stuck in a dilemma right now.
alright thanks!
hmmm the interconnects fit rather snugly though moreover the cables are for westone IEMS ,.... what i'm real scared of is that the W4Rs could have some problem. that would be a real bugger cuz the only service center here is a 2 hour journey from my place :(  
  Hihi guys i recently bought an upgrade cable for my 4Rs from jaben singapore and after a few hours into using it, the right earpiece just died and nothing came out of it( well basically i had to wiggle it for sound to come out) , so i figured it was the cables connection problem and switched the L side of the cable to the right earpiece....but to my dismay still NO (or very little) sound.     So then by now most of you would have figured by then that it's the...
your amplifier most probably didnt have a volume control -.-" i tried it with my hippo box it exploded my ears.... Amp-wise an LOD definitely does bypass the ipod/iphone's crappy internal amplifier, and thats most probably how the guys at apple designed it. I mean comeooonn please with all those consumer oriented ipod docks(in which all possess in-built amps) floating arnd in the market apple had to design something that would prevent them from...
yeahp they're full sized, but compared to other full sized headphones such as the AT pro700mkII they don't look THAT ridiculous. IEM wise i have both the tf10s and the xba-4s so yehp no more in ears for me :D
Yehp i got the portable ones so i can run it thru my ipod....
hihi guys i recently got my Beyerdynamic t70s about a week ago, and i've noticed that when i put them on the earcups stick out like sore thumbs.... i mean i look like a total ******** wearing those stuff over my head. is there anyway i can reduce the size of the earpads, or buy a smaller pair of earpads that fit these cans?
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