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Alright!  It worked, thanks!
  How are you getting your playlist to show more than 10,000 songs?  I'm making mine in Winamp, and I can't get more than 10.000 songs to show up!  It also drains my battery terribly, and has a lot of lag!
I have a Rockboxed iPod classic with a 240GB hard drive that I got from tuwant on Ebay.  The only problem I had was a dead battery.  Otherwise, the thing Rockboxed pretty easily, and it works great.
 I have the same problem.  I know Rockbox can take large playlists, so I made a 13,000 track playlist in Winamp just so I could shuffle all of my metal music and dropped it onto my iPod.  The playlist only showed 10,000 tracks, and my iPod was very laggy,   Is this beyond the capabilities of Rockbox?  I can make playlists for each metal genre, but I really wanted one giant one with everything so I could shuffle it and enjoy a variety of metal.
I just decided to try 120610 by aroldan, and the album art that wasn't working when I first loaded the stock .rockbox folder now works perfectly with all my themes!  I don't get how or why, but it works now! 
I love my silver cabled IE80s with my metal music.  Nice and aggressive, with an excellent soundstage.
  Mine's not a classic 5.5, I have a 7th generation.  Kind of a pain in the ass to Rockbox it, but it was worth it!   I like the foam tips that came with the IE80s, but the small ones don't stay in my ears and the large ones pop out after a little while.  I'm starting to think I need medium size tips, but Sennheiser doesn't seem to make them in a medium size.  The funny thing is, the large size single and double flange silicone tips work perfectly for me.  The stock foam...
I just got my iPod classic back with a new battery and installed Rockbox on it.  I can't believe that I thought my Zune sounded good with the IE80s!  I am seriously in awe of the sound quality being put out by this iPod and my E11, my IE80s, and the silver cable!  
  I'll try that.  Thank god for Total Commander, I can just rename all of them across the board.  One more question, I know the album art that displays onscreen is always a particular size despite the size that the image actually is.  Is it bad to have generally large image files (800X800) in the album folders?  I find that the larger image sizes are less blurry.
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