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I have a pair of hand me down ipods I need to get rid of. They're not in the greatest condition, but they both still work great. Would probably make a nice gift for a teenager.   Ipod Touch 4th Gen 8gb (Black) - $ 59   Ipod Nano 3rd Gen 8gb (Silver) - $ 29   Source your own cable and accessories because these come bare. I'll ship them wrapped in cushy bubble wrap. Shipping is on me. If using paypal goods please include an extra 3.5% to cover the fee.
It's not my toy or picture lol. I just thought it would display the ax35 well
Apex Caldera   "A caldera is a large, usually circular depression at the summit of a volcano formed when magma is withdrawn or erupted from a shallow underground magma reservoir."   Just another cool topographical name. The circular bay for the tube kind of looks like a little caldera also I guess 
Throwing in my ticket for candidacy right now  I'm guessing you want the opinion from a heavy iem user (right here) who listens to a wide variety of genres and has experience articulating what they hear. Want to know how they deal in real life situations and not just at home? I can do that, wear it on the subway, throw it over my shoulder, tangle it up in my pocket on my way to school and back. You know.   I don't have a lot of experience with rha iem, but I've heard...
Selling my:   m-audio q40 - SOLD   astrotex ax35 - SOLD   yurbuds venture talk - gave em away   The yurbuds are bnib. I received two through some kind of shipping error so I'll give anyone a good deal on 'em.
I'm selling a pair of these in case anyone is interested.
I got this iem for something like $55. After listening for almost 3 days I'm starting to agree with lin0003's statements. It is an exceptional value and I can think of several iems & headphones that it outperforms (even in the $200 range). And I'm only talking about the sound.   The build itself is something to behold at the ~$60 price point. The gunmetal grey driver housings, cable splitter, and jack inspire great confidence in their durability while also being very...
I bought these two tubes on a recommendation from the designers of the sunrise II amp, garage1217. These two tubes were their current favorites.   I received both in NOS condition. Both come with less than 50 hours.   Amperex 6DJ8 Orange Globe - $20 Very precise sound and great midrange presence, excellent for acoustic music.     Voshkod 6N1P Gold Grid Single Arm UFO Getter - $15 Epitome of the "tube" sound. Very warm and suitable for almost all kinds of...
$150 if you use tenso. Is there a better way to get this overseas?
 The Mad Dog 3.2 was also a startling disappointment as well as the grado sr225i and q701
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