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I'm selling a pair of these in case anyone is interested.
I got this iem for something like $55. After listening for almost 3 days I'm starting to agree with lin0003's statements. It is an exceptional value and I can think of several iems & headphones that it outperforms (even in the $200 range). And I'm only talking about the sound.   The build itself is something to behold at the ~$60 price point. The gunmetal grey driver housings, cable splitter, and jack inspire great confidence in their durability while also being very...
I bought these two tubes on a recommendation from the designers of the sunrise II amp, garage1217. These two tubes were their current favorites.   I received both in NOS condition. Both come with less than 50 hours.   Amperex 6DJ8 Orange Globe - $20 Very precise sound and great midrange presence, excellent for acoustic music.     Voshkod 6N1P Gold Grid Single Arm UFO Getter - $15 Epitome of the "tube" sound. Very warm and suitable for almost all kinds of...
$150 if you use tenso. Is there a better way to get this overseas?
 The Mad Dog 3.2 was also a startling disappointment as well as the grado sr225i and q701
I bought this about 2 months ago and have barely used it 3 hours since I've been really busy. It's still under warranty from mp3nation.   *Price includes shipping. Please include +3.5% to cover paypal fee (or use gift)*
I bought the srh840 pads just cus the vinyl pads feel very cheap. Wound up being $20 with shipping.You're comparing $100 phones to $250 phones man. I'd be more disappointed if the focal didn't sound better
Just got my like new pair of q40. theyre pretty epic phones :) I stuffed some tissue under the pads to get a little more comfort, kinda ghetto but it works I'm considering buying the srh840 pads, is it really worth it?
Selling a like new fxt90 with all original accessories and packaging.   *Price includes shipping. Please include +3.5% to cover paypal fee (or use gift)*
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