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Sorry to bump this thread but does the UNSW Audiophile soc still exist? I have a few mates that would like to join :) 
How does a SR-507 system compare to a HD800 + WA7? Would moving to a SR-507 system be more of a side-grade than an upgrade? 
Hmmm one my LED's don't work half the time. Guess I'll have to get it replaced under warranty. 
 Hmmm, tried those already but it's still rather uncomfortable (which is a shame since I really like the HE400's fun sound sig), maybe it's just the shape/size of my head 
Any definitive comfort solutions for the HE400? I just can't wear them for more than 5min (weight + headband/clamp issues). I've tried Alpha pads but they ruin the sound :( 
Being an owner of the HE 400 and having heard the HD650 I'd take the HD650 as it is more flexible and wayyyyy more comfortable. 
 Ah yes impedance (no idea why I said gain). Yes I've noticed with HI-Z it sounds less 'veiled' than Lo-z
Anyone who uses the HD800, do you find HI or LO gain to be more suitable?
Ok so Alpha pads are amazingly comfortable but sound awful on the HE400s. All bass is completely gone and the soundstage is also decreased. 
Just got the Alpha pads, firstly comfort-wise they are perfect. Soooo much better than everything else in that respect however compared to Jergpads it loses some of the HE-400's signature bass and instead vocals is improved. So sonically i think the Alpha pads are inferior to Jergs. 
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