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1=6.3mm 2=SMC 3 =3.5mm 4=XLR
Yeah sent back the tubes, hopefully I'll get some new ones :) 
Hi guys, I recently picked up the Electro Harmonix tubes and it causes a hissing (that is audible when music isn't playing) which the Sovteks didn't have. The stock tubes are dead silent meanwhile. Does this eventually dissapear or are the tubes faulty? 
Hmmm yeah seems like there's quite a few options around that price range. Looking at the Resonessence Labs Concero HD now as well. 
I actually do, sounds good then. Was thinking about M-DAC as well but I feel like the HA-1 is slightly bettered featured and more flexible. 
Any ideas on whether if this is worth it for just the dac stage alone? (will be using external amp). 
Sorry to bump this thread but does the UNSW Audiophile soc still exist? I have a few mates that would like to join :) 
How does a SR-507 system compare to a HD800 + WA7? Would moving to a SR-507 system be more of a side-grade than an upgrade? 
Hmmm one my LED's don't work half the time. Guess I'll have to get it replaced under warranty. 
 Hmmm, tried those already but it's still rather uncomfortable (which is a shame since I really like the HE400's fun sound sig), maybe it's just the shape/size of my head 
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