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HI LH,   I sent you an email earlier. Thank you
@Larry Ho   Thank you !
@Skepsis   Sorry to learn about your troubles. Looks like i'm on the same boat . My ticket is reaching its 2nd week , and for the last  5 days I have not heard back from LH Labs support . I hope they do something about the backlog or at least offer you a refund until they've got their supply current.
Glad you had a positive experience , i've been exchanging mails with support for a week now   The unit was working since Sept last year and all of a sudden the sound got distorted . 
Can anyone comment on LH labs support for the GO v2  ? Response time , and how long it took them to resolve your issue. TIA
4.3k on AGon gets you the BHSE (Kerry built) + Stax-007 mk1 
 Congrats! Sounds like you're hearing some magic now ....
Thanks for your contribution JazzFan! :)
Thinning the herd as they say,  and eventually staying with speakers since having to spend less and less time with headphones .Baby comes first   SRM -717 - $OLD   I think i'm probably the 3rd owner , the amp is in excellent working condition. There is a small dent on the top of face plate as shown from pics of the previous owner's post  http://www.head-fi.org/t/656170/stax-srm-717-amp     SRM - T1S - $OLD   I had the orignal T1 before this and missed it,  so I...
I need to downsize to make room for my  baby . The I2s interface was the kit made my Dacladder.  Will post pics later.   First owner , dac is in excellent working and physical condition.   Buyer pays for shipping and paypal fees unless gift.   Thanks for looking.
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