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Many thanks Whitigir !
Thanks for sharing to look for someone who can build one for me
Just wanted to ask where I can have a balanced cable made for GOV2 to Stax amp? TIA
Hello.   For your consideration i'm selling a KGSSHV built by HF member gilency . This was purchased  2.2yrs ago from another HF member.  As luck would have it, a  few weeks after getting the amp (issues with the SUMR transformer ) caused the fuse to blow when powering ON. I contacted Gilency to ask if he could repair it , and he graciously accepted . He replaced the faulty transformer and since then  (more than 2 yrs) it has been working w/o issues.   Reason for...
HI LH,   I sent you an email earlier. Thank you
@Larry Ho   Thank you !
@Skepsis   Sorry to learn about your troubles. Looks like i'm on the same boat . My ticket is reaching its 2nd week , and for the last  5 days I have not heard back from LH Labs support . I hope they do something about the backlog or at least offer you a refund until they've got their supply current.
Glad you had a positive experience , i've been exchanging mails with support for a week now   The unit was working since Sept last year and all of a sudden the sound got distorted . 
Can anyone comment on LH labs support for the GO v2  ? Response time , and how long it took them to resolve your issue. TIA
4.3k on AGon gets you the BHSE (Kerry built) + Stax-007 mk1 
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