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 That's debatable. Actually, since the DSS doesn't even have to mix the chat in it should drive most low-mid headphones just fine if not better than the mixamp.
What pads are those on your Beyer? I can't find 'em anywhere...also the plastic thingy that regulates the earpieces extension is consumed too.
I think so. It even recharges the controllers just fine.
 My USB keyboard worked just fine with the USB port on the DSS, so there should be no issue with that. Thanks for the help, I'll let you know how it goes. ;)
What if I plug an USB Stereo Audio Adapter to the DSS? Like [[SPOILER]] or [[SPOILER]]  Should work, right? I can't get the V-Moda, but the Auvio is relatively cheap here too.
Chico, does it work with the DSS too?
Keep the bass boost in the mid-low setting. On the highest setting it'd distort the sound a bit for me.
I don't see why it shouldn't work, even on the PS4. And it's cheaper than buying a new Mixamp.
For the guys having trouble using the mic with their DSS. Remember that you can always try THIS.
I'm in. Big fan of FiiO products and being the avid gamer that I am, it would be great to upgrade from my DSS to something even better. The price must be reasonable and gamers-friendly though (sub 200, anyone?).
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