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For Sale or Trade: Claret Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs 1/4" Single-Ended cable   I purchased these directly from Mr. Speakers in January of 2014.  I would estimate they have 120 hours on them. The condition is very good, there are a few minor scuffs on the cups. Other than that these headphones are very clean.   The bass-ports have been turned 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. No Doggie Treats mods have been done to these to these cans. All original packaging,accessories and...
PM sent.
Well said sir.
I cant bring my self to pull the trigger on this baby. the price is twice as much as any other piece of equipment I own. I would love to see this amp wind up on Massdrop. Who's with me?
Clearing the last of 01/Jan and beginning of 02/Feb orders this week.  Patience people, patience.
In my experience unplugging has not been an issue. However getting the plug all the way in was. I recently bought a Forza cable with HD700 connectors for my PM-2's. I ended up needing to "modify" my cans to get the cable to fit. I haven't had any problems since.
Not sure what your budget is, 
I exchanged emails with a few days ago. Ordered a cable.
You should probably ask Trevor himself.
Thanks that got it. That was the first thing I tried. I guess those screws could go tighter after all. I'm really enjoying the Prime's. Congrats on all you've accomplished.
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