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I'm addicted to this one, plus the producer is from really close to me so I may have to go watch a live set of his soon! Saw this one on beatport and I am really digging it!
Do you like bass music? You shall not be dispointed. Want a versatile can, look elsewhere. Personal, I love mine!
Welcome back! Missed you! Thought I would say it since no one else would :P
Hehe, I'm still running with the orignal HTC Incredible so it's going on about two and a half years now and I have never replaced the battery. I have become pro at consreving battery life xD I still manage to get all day battery life even though I'm pumping music out of my phone probably three or more hours a day at least. Would save myself a lot of trouble if I just got a new battery but hey, what's the challenge in that?
I use poweramp every single day, so I actually can say with a degree of confidence that poweramp will draw no more battery than the standard music amp with or without the eq turned on.
A lot less agressive than their stuff I've listened to before. Sort of reminds of Dubba Jonny's newest EP, which I loved.     The growl at 1:56 gets me every time, it is just so "alien" I guess xD! If anyone has a better term for that let me know but I love it.
The general consensus seems to be the only two cans with that level of quantity are the LP and xb500 ive listened to both and I prefer my Lp but maybe I'm baised.
Acording to these graphs: http://en.goldenears.net/13837       http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/VModaM100.pdf    The M-100 actually has a larger bass boost by about 3db compared to the mid range. However, I have not lsitenned to either of these headphones nor am I very experienced at reading these graphs so someone else should probably double check.
What? I can't hear hear over the tingling in my ears xD   -----------   Chip-Tune Dubstep Remix of Eptic? Yes Please!  
Oh gosh, I made the creator table flip on my first post xD, perhaps I can reconsile that with this?
New Posts  All Forums: