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Huh? That is to do with the rig tolerance for positioning. Never mind the fact that two headphones of the same make can sound different.
Product variance is always a factor here, and Beyer isn't the most stringent company with its control. Looking at a headroom graph of four DT880s:     We can't dismiss pad condition as factor either for sonics.
Where did you hear that the Beyers are bass-lite? Both of those headphones have boosted midbass. I would go so far as to say that the DT880/600 is just a 650 with a peak in the low treble, which may be the culprit here for varying impressions.   It could be that the drivers themselves have been jostled out of place and are not creating the usual amount of bass for the headphone. What I really think is that the 650 just isn't as slow, thick and bloated as you might hear...
That's just plain stupid and self-hindering to your true objective. You have to get rid of all your hair. It ruins the contact of the headphones and head, and limits the quality of the seal.   You go back and shave your head until I can see my reflection on it. Is that clear?
I just asked them about that, and the max current output is 250mA. Current limiting shouldn't be an issue with a headphone, unless you can think of one below 30ohms.   As a note, the Hilo's full scale is apparently 19.2dBu. Not that this really matters.
The nice thing about that EQ is that it'll manage the volume level for you.
You get distortion when you go into clipping and the digital signal rams into 0dBfs. Simple as that.   Not all EQs are created equal. Ideally you'd want a nice parametric equalizer to attack the deficiencies of a headphone precisely, though IME with foobar, they tend to be buggy, a couple of crashes here and there. No problems with xnor's 31-band EQ, though.   The doubling of perceived sound is 10db. The actual doubling of the output is 3db.   As a note, peak volume !=...
The spec for the Hilo says +19 dbu. 0dbu is 0.775V, or 1mW into 600 ohms. This works out to about 80mW @600 ohms (6.9Vrms).
On online forums, the Raise Dead spell is common issue to all users, as exhibited here.
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