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The d7100: the head-fier's beats' beats.
Just what country are you from that availability would be an issue?
Perhaps the manufacturer may bump up the impedance to minimize frequency alteration from source to source. Or perhaps it is just the different makes of driver involved.
The W4 is the more neutral, more "correct" IEM. The W4 has the treble that the UM3x doesn't. The um3x has a close-in, in your fsce presentation of sound, whereas the W4 is a bit further staged, and much more breadth. Again, I would think that the preference around here would be towards the all-rounder, though the um3x has certain characteristics and strengths that the W4 lacks. At this  point we are repeating everything said before in thread, since Spyro gave a quick,...
Signed. I expect great things to come from a hifiman electrostat.
^ That is in fact how ANC is implemented in cans, so no, the amp won't be helpful in this matter.
The Ultrasone Pro 900 is a very particular sounding headphone, as are most Ultrasones. Some people love it to death, I seriously recommend against them without a demo beforehand.   Beyer's DT770 is not really impressive even for its price. Pretty big, reasonable isolation. The significantly more expensive T70 is even less impressive, and more shrill sounding, given its higher price. Pretty comfy, both of them.   The K550 is a variable thing. First pair I heard...
Somehow I doubt a stat of all things will pound your head harder than , say, an audeze or something.
DT770 variants have a V-shaped skew. Hardly neutral by any means, though it does isolate fairly decently.   The DT250-250 should be fine from a laptop, though it's sonics are an unknown to mine own ears.   I don't recall the bass extension being terribly impressive, but the Senn HD280 was alright.
  All depends on priorities. Headphones I'd say are perhaps more detailed, and tend to have superior bass extension, but tend to fall way, way short with respect to linearity of FR and soundstaging. Furthermore, there's that visceral impact a speaker system will deliver that a headphone can never match. Earphones have their own boat of issues.   The M50 mids aren't that recessed though. They have a sharp, narrow dip around 4k or so and peak shortly after. These don't have...
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