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The nice thing about that EQ is that it'll manage the volume level for you.
You get distortion when you go into clipping and the digital signal rams into 0dBfs. Simple as that.   Not all EQs are created equal. Ideally you'd want a nice parametric equalizer to attack the deficiencies of a headphone precisely, though IME with foobar, they tend to be buggy, a couple of crashes here and there. No problems with xnor's 31-band EQ, though.   The doubling of perceived sound is 10db. The actual doubling of the output is 3db.   As a note, peak volume !=...
The spec for the Hilo says +19 dbu. 0dbu is 0.775V, or 1mW into 600 ohms. This works out to about 80mW @600 ohms (6.9Vrms).
On online forums, the Raise Dead spell is common issue to all users, as exhibited here.
Just noting, the LCD-2 will officially take 15W@60ohms. Why you would want it to go past the threshold of pain, even for a transient, is beyond me though.     Tyll's result is interesting in that his HE-6 has an incredibly low sensitivity: about 77 db/mw. If this holds true for other samples, that could justify the use of some of the ridiculous power being poured into the headphone. On the other hand, KG was doing some testing on the Dynahi and found his HE-6...
I was selling it for about that price a couple of weeks ago, that exact ex1000. Funny how that works out.
HD25, for sure. Seriously durable, I might have tried to break these several times over a couple of years. Treble is excessive, but kinda obscured by the midbass. The earpads are kinda tight, though I never felt the headband itself.
To the best of my knowledge, the A5+ is a powered speaker. That is to say, it has an internal amp, but the x-over is a passive.
Flathead/EQ tweaker. I don't think its reasonable to expect a headphone to be perfectly linear on its own. But I find that a flat, full-range sound works best, even if I listen to mostly electronic.
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