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I don't think the HE 90 is brighter, but flatter in the midrange moving into the treble, closer to the DF target. Memory comparisons are not trustworthy. I didn't phrase that in an honest way either. The 009 is lacking until the upper treble, at which it recovers somewhat excessively. It lacks lower treble energy and some degree of presence.
Here's one you don't hear very often, the SR-009 isn't bright enough. I would not lump in the UERM with the 009 tonally. It has more midbass, more lower treble, and lacks the forward midrange of the Stax. The added treble is a mixed bag, and the treble response is a very personal thing with IEMs.
The Stax, including the 009, aren't neutral. That doesn't stop the 009 from a being a technical tour de force of extreme clarity, but the frequency response is not flat. The Sennheiser electrostatics trump it by FR.   I would hesitate to rank these things, but a list of the neutral headphones would include   -Sennheiser HE 60/90 -Etymotic ER-4S or 4B -Sennheiser HD 600   The HE-560 is a probable contender. The stock HD 800 or stock Audezes fall noticeably short....
I was wondering why I never saw a thread on these and it turns out they weren't being sold. So these were a 2 way hybrid design? The body of the earpieces facing the ear didn't seem that smoothly shaped, and from a very quick listen it seemed like it was going for a warm balance similar to the larger PSB headphones.
[[SPOILER]] I like having measurements around. I find I can sift through measurement data and get a lot information more quickly than reading most people's impressions and figuring out their taste and what they think is a good balance. There are things that measurements don't make clear, but like impressions, there is a lot of depth to a good set of measurements, more than a single FR chart shows.
Like the first one, but that volume control looks to be only iphone compatible.
I'm looking for any detachable cable with a volume control that works with Android devices (Samsung S3 and later, and most other Android phones). The headphone pins do not matter. I know of the Sennheiser RCS 800 cable and Soul Samsung S cable; is there anything else?
Once an EX1000 owner long ago. I didn't feel that the EX1000 was very bright overall. The main issue I think is the strong peak in the low treble, there are a couple of little peaks too, less problematic. The big peak drove me crazy, but I think I listen fairly loud.   For comparison, when I demoed the 7550, I didn't think it was that neutral. It sounded too dark, almost like someone had applied a general cut to the treble of the ex1k. There is still some relative rise...
The graphs describe that earphone, as it is equipped to that coupler. It does not describe things like manufacturing tolerances, or defective samples. The coupler is a standard coupler and can be reasonably compared to other couplers of similar type. The measurement can be altered by a different fit, a loss of seal, a change in insertion depth, a different tip, and so on. These changes, if the condition is reproduced, can be detected by the listener as well. It may not...
@LCfiner There are issues with both. The first one you quoted is uncompensated, and seems in line with the usual JH tuning before compensation. The latter graph is using a common diffuse-field compensation, and seems to have been inserted too shallow.  The shallow insertion brings the peak lower in the treble, rather than in the top octave in which the drivers are naturally attenuated.
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