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The ER4S is measured as flatter and more accurate than the GR07 in the bass. ER4S with the good seal has small bass roll below 100Hz and -2 to -3 dB at 20 Hz.
+0db is setting the bass knob as far counterclockwise as possible, to 7 o'clock. Some people leave it around noon, but that's not the "accurate" setting.
How many flanges in the triflange should go past the second bend?
I had to glue my RE-400 together, and it works now as it did before. Be careful to avoid the vents when applying the glue. Seal it up the jack hole airtight with glue to avoid air leaking from the rear cavity, which would result in a loss of bass.
You could roughly mark the peaks that way with good placement, but there's no way the magnitude would ever make sense. Balanced armatures are too reactive for that. Free air measurements wouldn't say much of anything about an IEM, besides some bits about ultrasonic extension, but I've certainly seen people try with over-ear and on-ear headphones. Pinna-free plates do seems more consistent than HATS, manufacturers seem to prefer them in QC AFAIK. I still don't see how you...
Are you performing a free air measurement with the IEM and the mic? That doesn't take into consideration the reactive load of the ear canal and of the driver. The results won't just be a simple difference in level between different IEM designs. Doubt even a relative comparison would hold water.   Personally, Layla's bass seemed right enough at 7 o'clock, but I had some issue with high midrange unevenness.
The topic of EQ was brought up several pages ago as a feature of the Questyle player. I am very partial to parametric equalization in particular, but most players tend to use a more limited graphic equalizer. So the questions are:   Is the EQ going to be a parametric EQ? If it is, how many bands are there going to be? If not, why not? It's something that can be implemented in some thing as small and old as a Sansa Clip, so it wouldn't seem like a overhead issue.
Where is the depressurizer on the barrel? Not that subbass was very high on the list personal concerns, but an improvement would be appreciated.
I know the old one from Headroom, DF compensated and smoothed I think. The method is not comparable to his current innerfidelity efforts, even of the gear is the same. I don't know if all HE 90 headphones are built identical, the pads certainly won't be. Some things from the headroom measurements are odd, such as the K701 lacking its signture midrange on every other site.
I don't think the HE 90 is brighter, but flatter in the midrange moving into the treble, closer to the DF target. Memory comparisons are not trustworthy. I didn't phrase that in an honest way either. The 009 is lacking until the upper treble, at which it recovers somewhat excessively. It lacks lower treble energy and some degree of presence.
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