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By "perceived frequency response", the data is plotted based on adjustments made to the raw data that Goldenears feels is best, like Tyll does with innerfidelity and his compensation there. The raw data is plotted below and that data is somewhat comparable to Tyll's raw, at least as much as smoothing allows. Dashed line is their earphones target as shown here with Angie.
If you found RE600 that bass light, ER-4P would be even worse. I do recall you stating some similar concerns about the ER-4 from a brief impression, specifically with the anemic bass response. To quote your site:How much can taste change in five years? Now if you're referring to the Tyll's measurement of the ER-4PT and the peak it shows between 8-9 kHz, that peak doesn't have to exist at that frequency range. With a sufficiently deep insertion, that range can be recessed...
Moving around the driver units in a tiny little shell is not going to affect the bass. Everything below 1 kHz for an IEM is dependent on pressurization,and the millimeter-range difference in placement is for the upper frequency range. 7 o'clock on the Layla universal seems similar in level to Etys, which are close to DF flat. I liked that about the Layla's low end
Thanks for the correction. DC resistance of ED-29689 is supposed to be 3.7 ohms, so 4S would be a 100 ohm resistor.   The point is to use a small resistor that doesn't make whatever adapter plug you want to use too bulky.
4S resistor is nominally 75 ohms. Of course you are free to choose whatever value you want, but adding more resistance past 100 ohm won't affect the balance. 1 watt resistors are much too bulky, and at least one order of magnitude excessive.
Their IEMs seem to be tuned much warmer and more bass leaning than their full-sized models, which tend to a brighter, more peaky sound.
There are quite a few capable equalizers for portable players. They are more common on smartphone platforms than dedicated DAPs for whatever reason. Neutron for Android, EQu, Equalizer Pro, Accudio, and many others for iOS. If you really want the linear phase option, which I think is a terrible idea, Onkyo HF player has one, or make your own impulse and use that with V4A to convolve whatever response desired.   Pretty sure the review you are thinking of was posted by...
Vibro Lab's product page stops short of claiming full IEC 711 compliance. See here. About the Veritas and 711 spec. If you look at the measurements of the HF5 raw (which is itself very similar to the ER-4P) on actual 711 spec simulators, the raw results are quite different from the uncorrected results presented in the first post. HF5/HF3 and ER-4P, from Headroom. HF3 and ER-4P, taken from Rin Choi's blog/analysis.
Veritas isn't a 711 simulator, but more a simple package to get people to start performing measurement with IEMs. No proper IEC 711/60318-4 spec canal simulator is going to be made for 100 dollars, that's for sure. castleofargh is taking a coupler and performing his own unique RECD correction on measurements from it.   Of course, acoustic Z of Veritas is not equal to the 711. For anyone who has a Veritas coupler, do you have a large and ventilated dynamic driver IEM to...
Why is it that magical thinking and disregard for measurements does not seem to be so present on the other A/V side, the video enthusiast, as much as the audio end?
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