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Prepare for a world of disappointment.
Source, Transport, DAC, amp, ?????
The Denon D7100. I wondered how Denon would deal with the loss of the Foster OEM. Evidently, they couldn't. It's the D7k, minus the pretty polished cups, but with a looser, muddier bass and even more crude treble. Pile of crap.
Ah, the trance atmosphere. Good track and good to be back. Soothing and relaxing. I give it 8/10.   Here's my try at this, a little bit of old hard stuff.   Rexanthony - Capturing Matrix (Hystorical Version)  
At least the Studio Beats channels match nicely. They are very well matched in their mediocrity. They are better than what the average newbie has to say about them.
Every IEM listed has its own set of weaknesses and strengths, and as ownership settles in, you just have to find out what you can put up with best. Except the Heir IEMs, which are perfect. That's just the FOTM talking, let's see how that pans out in due time.
Might I ask why you are in need of a low frequency generator? If it's only needed for the bass, the Hifiman HE-400 has some very low measured distortion in that regard (looks like 0.3%). Fairly sensitive. Unfortunately, having never actually heard it, I can't tell you about things like comfort, or how the distortion above 200Hz pans out firsthand. Costs $400 USD.
^ Not very immortal then, eh? Where did that come from anyway, I could have sworn HE posted that somewhere in a thread that is probably now locked.
I don't think any soldering skill is needed in setting up the crack bottle. Really high output impedance, so you would be limited to certain Senns, Beyers, vintage AKGs and the odd ER4pt. I wouldn't know whether the 650 is built to IEC spec though. The tube vs. transistor thing is something you will have stumble out and figure on your own, as the arguments have been done ad nauseam. I say solid state, as tubes tend to suffer in the bass, which is really not the strong...
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