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As someone who had the T70 for a couple of weeks, and mostly hated it, let me throw in my contribution pour gas on the fire.     I heard the peaks at 5khz and at 10khz, rather than 4/8k. The treble still seemed rolled off to my ear.   The midrange and treble had a very peculiar character about it. Not just spiky, but unnatural sounding. Very sibilant.   The T70 does not sound like very much like the DT990 overall. Missing the DT990's pronounced...
This is somewhere between horrifying and gut busting. Rest of the thread is gold.  
Westone 4 thread:      
K701/K702/Q701? Exactly that. Measured sensitivity is 88db/mw into 60ohms. Or a high-current, low-voltage headphone that's a PITA to drive.
^Ding! We have a winner! The T1, to these ears, came off as bright and a bit splashy/sibilant, unlike the the merely bright DT880.
DT880/600   T1   Any questions?
    Well, my experience with the LCD-2 was that it was kinda dark sounding in stock form. The way I read Lunatique's words is that it gives him the sub-bass extension/quality he wants in a headphone, and then he raises the upper-mid/treble quantity to be neutral, as you can see on his graphs. Frankly, the HD600/650 are more neutral, provided that you are willing to give up some extension.       A good number of those problems you talk about with TVs are just an issue with...
^I don't hear the W4 that way, nor think it should be characterized that way. The main clarity issue with the W4 IMHO lies within its fullness, which detracts some clarity from busy passages. Rather than veil, it is too thick. But hey, different ears and different tastes for different folks.   For all of the W4's resolving power and detail, it does not really sound analytical, and won't shred apart music in the same way that an ER4S might.   ^^If you're talking...
Let me tell you right now that the HD5xx series is open and thus very bad for airline use. Honestly, the Bose QC15 fits your bill to a tee, even if its sound may not up to the typical $300 standard.
Well, that would be the W4's primary deviation from neutrality. +4db bump at 125hz or so. Yes, the bass on the Sonys are flatter, with no sudden lumps down there. EX1000 bass seems reasonably linear, just shelved up, hence some warmth.   Less mid-forward than the UM3x and brighter too. UM3x needed a treble boost, really, and the W4 still isn't bright.   The opened-up stage is another thing the W4 has for it over the UM3x.   Fixed.
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