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To follow on another thread:     The ODAC will hook up to a computer vs. the Clip+, which can only work off its meager internal storage and and attached micro SD card. Can be made to fit into the O2 and/or ODA and has a higher output to decrease the needed gain on associated amp.
^6moons   Lacking low end presence, plenty of treble spikes, hotspots and ringing. That's what it looks like to me. Haven't heard it.
I eagerly await the results.
  Well, for some examples, we have the Anaxilus mod for the HD800, and from Tyll himself, the foam and cup change made for the HD 25-1 II to the amperior. Since the sound doesn't really vent out of a closed cup, the importance of damping would be increased to kill reverb and any other unwanted vibrations in the K550.   You also seem to disregard the old mods made to dynamic Sennheisers (555->595 foam mod).
As someone who had the T70 for a couple of weeks, and mostly hated it, let me throw in my contribution pour gas on the fire.     I heard the peaks at 5khz and at 10khz, rather than 4/8k. The treble still seemed rolled off to my ear.   The midrange and treble had a very peculiar character about it. Not just spiky, but unnatural sounding. Very sibilant.   The T70 does not sound like very much like the DT990 overall. Missing the DT990's pronounced...
This is somewhere between horrifying and gut busting. Rest of the thread is gold.  
Westone 4 thread:      
K701/K702/Q701? Exactly that. Measured sensitivity is 88db/mw into 60ohms. Or a high-current, low-voltage headphone that's a PITA to drive.
^Ding! We have a winner! The T1, to these ears, came off as bright and a bit splashy/sibilant, unlike the the merely bright DT880.
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