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I like that, nice and simple, beautiful headphones.
 thanks! It was my 5 old or so, canon d450 with EF 24-105mm lens, set on a tripod at low iso settings.
Not the best picture and not the best Hi Fi Rack ever, but current setup below with the new SHA 1.0 head amp, lend for one week but after 2 hours with hd800 I'm not going to sent it back.  
Is almost done, currently testing with newly arrived HD800 it needs small adjustment and that's it, but chronically lack of time and other duties slow down it a bit,be patient please ;)
Thanks a lot;I was asking because my next project in the near future will be tube amplifier, strictly DIY construction based on 6as7 family I have collected quite a large amount of their since purchase 339 so consider to use transformers which can handle more heater current just in case of need. Also 7236 are my favourites too together with RCA 6AS7G.
Just out of curiosity how the "big boys" sound in your modded 337 in comparison with 6AS7?
Can't find the pic 69, there is hundreds of photos in this thread but non sorted by numbers, it doesn't matter.Do you mean the tung-sol 6336A ? no way 5A ! heater current could fry my transformers in a minute.The stock lf339 and also my can handle heater current up to 3A max.
Two completely different setup and same "problem" that sound weird isn't it? Maybe is time to visit a doctor and get some happy pills hahaha just kidding.Seriously it could be electricity, have you see any changes on glowing tubes, are they glowing as usual or some times darker or brighter without reason? Connect DMM to electrical outlet and monitoring the AC voltage about different times of the day or night then you'll now for sure. Out of curiosity you bought reference...
I like the new look of LF339, nice vintage electrolytic capacitors, rare and great sounding I guess.
Hey guys, finally decide to buy second pair of headphones to pair with my Burson Conductor the HE-500 I only have mostly using with my LF339 tube amp and Conductor as a DAC section that combo make the sound of my Hifiman phones almost divine, cannot say the same when Burson is amplifying HE-500 alone is still do his work very well but "the spell was gone" same feeling and big happy smile on my face when I tried friend SS class A head amp SHA 1.0 in my system the HE-500...
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