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I have tried ef800/6as7g in my system ring and I couldn't find the vocal presentation to be forwarded much, maybe a bit but changing the digital source will do. Still thinking that the combo is worth to have not only because is easy to get and relative cheep but for the sound, which is really good also couldn't find to be bright too I'd said rather "live".The ef800 have a lot of gain in conjunction with DAC which outputs much more then 2V RMS and with sensitive headphones...
I bought it off ebay you looking for a USB connectors too, you can get them from Parts Connexion,10$ for a set.
Lovely looks GEC set
+ 1
That's clear enough, thanks again.
Thanks MIKELAP, So what I have to do is send them a photo of my audio system together with copy of my Invoice or proof of purchase, Is that is correct?They would send back a confirmation email?
Will be almost one year since the purchase and I'd like warranty extension I lost somewhere user manual, can't find it. There was something written about the warranty in terms and condition. Can some one have look to your and tell me what to do to get the free warranty extension please.
Yep! in both directions.It is possible because the cable is twisted mechanically very precise, the twist are steady as u see on picture. I twisted them together in "mirror" way is like rope but each pair of the cables have "memory" twisted  them opposite (stresses in opposite directions) hold them steady without deformation, with the Y barrel works like a screw with nut.The hook-up wire used to make this headphone cable comes from DH LABS, is the T-20X Silver Sonic 20 awg...
    That what happened to my he 500 stock cable after a while ... (neverending fixing story!) it has prompted me to do my own diy cable on the simplest possible way, not complex strands just a simply twist, to be honest the cable was factory twisted what i did it was equally twisting each pair all together as per picture which allowed me to adjust length of the split by turning the Y splitter barrel.  
Hi hyde,Me too and everything is working fine, no missing sample rates. Could be your iTunes setting? I don't know, not sure but  iTunes can't automatically load higher sample rate have to be do this manually I use the Audirvana with iTunes integrated mode so I really bypass completely iTunes own playback and use only for play list.                                                     
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