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 On Radioactive website the amp is still offering with 21 days money back guarantee I would have tried. If you looking for an amp with holographic with 3D presentation you should considering dual mono construction or better full dual mono designs. I would not mix tube/transistor- hybrid I would rather choose full tube design or SS amp. But this is just my opinion. I cannot advise on Red Wine Corvina or Questyle, never have a pleasure of listening. I think Radon 222 is...
 Thanks, The Sibilance and harshness of trebles was my little worry especially when you pay large amount of money for such a product you expect to be perfect in every way. My worries came true, at the time I bought HD800 I had only Burson and LF339 at home the Radon 222 was on the way and arrives couple days later. The problem I had with the HD800 driven by Burson at first time was it's lack of bass and a bit too bright treble with annoying peak. With a tube La Figaro 339...
Out of curiosity, most of time my Burson is hook to iMac so no driver needed no hassle at all but from time to time wants to bring my amp to bedroom and then connect with laptop so the question is, which Output Mode ASIO or WASAPI on player has to be chosen to obtain the best possible audio quality and performance with the C-Media USB module & Sabre DAC version of Conductor with Windows 7, or newer?
One more variant 6c5>>>6SJ7 and we'll have them all. Summing up their website need some update ;-)
  Radon – beginnings.   The amplifier had his little debut on 27th of April 2013 at the London Head-Fi Meet. Even though it was just a prototype, this rigid, inconspicuously looking box brought my attention for the first time.       I was able to hear it performing with a few top models of headphones (as far as the acoustic conditions of the hotel room allowed). I especially enjoyed Audeze LCD2, where sound was full of energy, bass was very deep full of the lowest...
I thought rather the ground loop it can make somewhere between laptop and other equipment and the short 10cm usb is just a link but I can be wrong, anyway is worth to try and run the laptop on battery and see what happen.
I'm not sure if I understood you correctly but for me it looks like ground loops problem rather than faulty usb cable but I can be wrong.I choosed Ethernet cable for one reason, length, length....., much over 5 meters and low cost of course. It has all parameters to make it possible on distance above 5 meters, like constant impedance over a wide range, wide bandwidth and very low attenuation.I don't know how long cable u will need if shorter then 1.5 meter I would not...
I like that, nice and simple, beautiful headphones.
 thanks! It was my 5 old or so, canon d450 with EF 24-105mm lens, set on a tripod at low iso settings.
Not the best picture and not the best Hi Fi Rack ever, but current setup below with the new SHA 1.0 head amp, lend for one week but after 2 hours with hd800 I'm not going to sent it back.  
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