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Pass amps aren't warm. Unless we're talking about the temperature of the chassis.
Can't go wrong with Nelson Pass's design. Their only design limitation is that they can't power monster speaker like the Scintila but they're pretty much perfect for the He6 (unless you don't like having a secondary heater in your room )
Hard to define best since this is the He6 and you practically can plug it into a 100k amp . 
Trends 10.2SE, cost around 220 bucks and is compact to boost! Or look into vintage receiver like the Sansui 9090 Pioneer Sx 1250. You know you want one :p Still, dont you already have that amp with those big caps and irons sticking out already? :o
The volume? 
We all hear differently though. Like that very popular AnaxMod with the Hd800, tried it and like the stock form better  To me though, putting several revisions of the same headphone (aka mods) is like saying "We don't know what we are doing with our headphones, so we give you several choices, whatever works best for you" . Imagine first time buyers' reaction when they see there's He6 Bronze, He6 Silver Edition, He6 Gold edition, He6 Platinum Edition, He6 Signature Platinum...
That looks pretty badass. I always have a thing for big caps and big irons 
Yes Raidho is so good, especially their bigger speakers. Dunno about the "affordable" part on their banner that they usually display at hi-fi show though. Even a small pair costs (several) arms and legs     Anyway one can't see the pic unless registered, and I can't answer the anti-spam question (It's in Greek!). Any chance you could just upload the pic to Head-fi/imgur? :p
Is Raidho the famous speakers we all know, or is that "headphone" equivalent of whatever language that is? 
Electric guitar is sex on the He-6!!!    
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