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what exactly does the tube do to make you know that it is reached its whatever thousand hours of life expectancy?>   if it is indeed 100% the claimed hours,it wouldbe at least a year or too.. but i have had my lyr for a good year, a lot of listening, but certainly not a regular 10 hours a day every day...some days it is 16 hours a day,some zero for sure.
upgrade is a word that only newb use
holy mother.. what are those things? i am a totall noob and the only amplifier with a hint of tubing i have is the lyr.
it has occured to me yesterday in dream--if headphone to some is about putting it on and forget about the world--how can you forget about the world with like pounds of weight jammin on your head?   just my one reason why i returned the he500. sound is another story
what exactly do u mean abrasive? i use jj e88cc from amazon, not curved by schiit
no actually, he is not, he is right about it.. it is all about perception. even if u believe in science it is still perceived by men, that means it is subject to question by other men. which cannot be more obvious. but to say anything definitive, is it wrong? yes and no. to say anything is possible, it is right? no and yes.   when and if u want to make it simple. just use your ears and feel it.   i personally like to let the headphone sit for a couple hours, or even a...
now u are the one represneing what you yourself hate about headfi community. but i am not going any further than that. A little self indulgence never hurts, but know your limit
nice quote from tyll
i have not really checked this thread, but i might come off as someone who question a gamer why he spend 100$ on a mouse---why spend more than 50$ on a pair of tube for an amp that cost less tha 500$, is it really not diminishing return and is it really worth it? what kind of cost and return graph am i looking at ? a hill that stops? exponential?
i just love the fifth song from 2007
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