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Which one would solely be better for FPS gaming as in positional audio? 
Do these pads fit on the 681?   If they do not what are some nice ones to use that won't break the bank like $15 dollars and under for a set of them.
So I have decided it would be between these 3 Harx 700/Superlux 668HD/Samson SR 850. Which would be best for pinpoint accuracy gaming. I mean clear footsteps that can easily be pinpointed accurately by position. Game in mind is like CS/CSS and the likes.
Thanks for the indepth analysis guys. It seems to be between the Superlux HD 668B/Harx 700/Samson SR850. I would like to know in your opinion which has the biggest soundstage and sound accuracy that would work well with my needs.
Been lurking for awhile and I've been wondering which would be a better contender for FPS games that require excellent sound positioning to easily locate positions. My main budget is 50 dollars and under I've heard these headphones are real nice for the price, but are there any others that would fit my preference for FPS games?
Need some help here. I play Counter-Strike 1.6 and CSS and I need some really good cans that can track footsteps clearly with great direction around 65 dollars and under. I'm not much of an audiophile, but if I'm reading clearly I'll need to have a good open sound stage to be able to achieve this.
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