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I don't know, The batteries are new and have not really been used that much.  I have used this so little that I can't really give you a good answer.  With four of them, you will always have a fresh set good to go.  I think that 9 volts typically have something like a 30 hour life.  I definitely never found myself replacing batteries all the time.  
please delete - mistake - sorry
For sale: Cypher Labs Algo Rhythm Solo - DB with inter-connects, leather pad, bands, and manual as seen in pictures.  In excellent condition.  Please see very small scratch in one corner.     Price: Cypher Labs = ,    Thanks for looking   Payment via Pay-pal... Shipping depends on location.
For sale:   Ray Samuels RSA 71a Amp with connector and bands - in excellent condition.  Please see pictures. Included with the RSA is also a set of four rechargeable batteries and the charger.    Price RSA = $180   Thanks for looking   Payment via Paypal... Shipping depends on location.
Wouldn't it be great if the tech world reached some sort of optimal steady state (formats, connections, interoperability).    I currently have the following digital audio only media storage setup: A multi terrabyte La Cie Drive - Raid, Stores rips of all CDs in FLAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless (This is primarily a backup of my files) A 1 TB La Cie Porsche Drive with Apple lossless connected to my mac Mini - contains one copy of each album and serves as my music source...
It would be great to see an informed discussion of the sound supply/value chain. What I mean by this is the following. Let's take portable rigs as an example. Sounding produced through a combination of: music files; dac, player; amplification; and transducers (iem or headphones). Alol of these (music files, player, and transducers) contribute to the end sound quality to differing degrees. Differing degrees of quality can be found in every aspect of the sound supply...
Thx once again again!!! This chart really ups my level of understanding as to what you guys heard.  As I'm a huge lover of detail in music it actually pushes me closer to the AK120II.  If you ever feel so inclined it would be great to see how the 240 layers on top of this??
I think at the end of the day, this is likely correct.  This is far more like playing chess than I ever imagined!  Thx.
Hugely helpful!! Thanks once again!!
Thanks so much for the work that went into the reviews and analysis!!  So I'm still absorbing it all but one thing strikes me right away.  If the 120 is better sounding than the 120 II, then why other than user interface would you purchase the 120 II?  If you are purchasing for interface then is interface worth $400 (Current 120 II price = $1700, current 120 pricing is $1300).  I definitely put sound quality first as well, but was really hoping it would go hand in hand...
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