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Apologies if this has been asked before, but can somebody explain to me what the gain setting is for? When would i adjust the gain, rather than just turning up the volume?
Yeah I've settled on the bi-flange tips, extremely comfy and excellent seal!
I'm still loving them too! Great recommendation Huxley!
I was enjoying the stock tips, but now they're making my ear quite sore. Time to play around with some different ones. Which tips are you guys using?
Mine arrived today, first impressions........I love them! Getting a great fit with the tips that came on them, excellent upgrade for me!
So is android now a great option for use with the E17? Im considering what phone to get after my iPhone 4S.
Huxley has never steered me wrong, so I'm in on these! Can't wait!
I wish somebody would do a summary every now and then on this thread, i lose track of the latest and greatest finds! Blink and your left behind! 
They only cost £6, might just give them away or keep them for gym use.It's made me appreciate my 3580s!I think the main issue is the shape of the port, I just don't think it makes for a good sound.
Update on the Veho Z-1................they're terrible! Haha, you win some you lose some eh!
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