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Is it just me who's not noticing much difference when paired up with the t1?& why do you not prefer the t1 to be paired up with the 940?And lastly, do you think that 940s don't benefit much from amping?Thanks for your input
Anyone who is listening to 940, which amp / dac do you guys use to drive them? Do you see any significant upgrade in sound signature and quality when paired? I'm using my tralucent t1 amp and doing a / b testing and hardly notice any difference in sound... :/ It goes from apple lossless songs in an iPhone 5 - apple lightning to 30 pin adapter - fiio L9 LOD - t1 amp- then my shure 940 Maybe 940s just don't benefit much from the amp? From what I'm seeing, this t1 amp is a...
How's Shure on their warranty for these cracks? If you just send them 940 with a broken headband, do they repair them and send you a new one no question asked?    I gotta send mine soon before my warranty ends and might have to sell them :( My head size is just too big for these cans to handle I guess 
 This I would love as well!!^ 
It's been a while since I bought it and thankfully I didn't return them :D  For the price I purchased them, I think it was a steal. I'm using these with the Lepai LP-2020A+. Overall, I'm very pleased with the big sound from them as well. The bass from speaker can not be matched with my Shure srh 940 can. I can actually feel the rumble from the bass now without ruining too much of the mids and treble heh    Even if these speakers were priced at around 80, I think I...
Oh yeah by the way, should I keep these speakers or return them and get a better one for similar price?    I thought the black friday sale was a steal.. but there is no review/any info about these speakers on the web :(
Thanks for the reply!    Yeah, after doing little bit of research, it looks like that's one of the best affordable amp I can connect with the speakers.    I just opened up the box of speakers and it looks like there isn't any cables included..    Which cables do I need to connect speakers to Lepai and then Lepai to the computer? Any budget, affordable cables recommendation? 
For Black Friday, I was able to pick up this set of speakers for 39.99 (normally 100+) at Fry's. I just picked this up without doing any prior research while I was shopping for computer parts as I needed a set of speakers for my new desktop. I'm really not familiar with how these book shelf speakers work with pcs or anything about book shelf speakers lol. It looks like I'm going to need a receiver/amp to drive these speakers. (Which one do I need?) I do have a headphone...
Wow.. after several months, my 940 has totally failed on me.. So many cracks!!     Here is an update of my 940    Left Side        Right Side         Thankfully, the new super glue I bought has been keeping the cracks sealed properly. The two open cracks (orange circles) are the ones waiting to be super glued soon.    I'm probably going to send it to Shure for warranty replacement soon and sell the replacement here. Does anyone know if...
I was able to get the unit in my mailbox today and it's working beautifully.  The customer service from Gavin was top notch! It only took less than a week to arrive to US all the way from Hong Kong. many thanks to him for this! 
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