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Well, I'm not an audiophile, just a casual listener and that's why I don't want to notice any subtle difference. Just wanted a sound better than my stock. It is better but not that much for which I should pay 4x extra price.
Yes there are some subtle changes, but why subtle. There should be some major changes, since I'm changing from stock to hi-fi earphones and also M1 are 4x the price of Samsung's stock. If there are changes then why I need to listen intently, I should notice them as I listen. But I don't feel that I'm listening anything hi-fi earphones.  There are some changes like highs in stock are overpowering, comfort and build quality is not as good as M1. But still my expectations...
I've bought these earphones but why I can't feel the great sound of M1 like you all do. I don't feel any big difference between my samsung stock and M1. At first I thought it is only me or because I'm playing from my mobile phone. But after my friends tried it, they also said that there wasn't any noticeable difference between their 10$ sony earphones and between 40$ M1. I'm playing it with my samsung galaxy i5801 and also tried it on my PC with built in realtek audio...
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