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Sold it is.
For MacOSX the choice of audio software is rather large : - Audirvana (works in bitperfect, integrates in itunes and allows to add FLAC to an itunes playlists), - Amarra (completely over priced), - Decibel (needs some further improvement : last time I tried it the audio signal experienced some cuts now and then whatever the USB plug/cable I was using) - Bitperfect (I haven't tried this one, available only in the app store) A review on 6moons :...
Sale pending, I'm waiting for payment.
Non headbanging with PS1000 it is strictly forbiden : you can hurt someone in front you...PS1000 gest much much more comfortable with the ony manta headband on ( )
Do I need to call 112 or is it going to be OK for you ?
I've bought it here on head-fi from leongiu the first owner and importer of this amp.The amp is not available at the moment : sale is now pending, I'm waiting for the payment from my buyer.
A little follow up of my tests of tubes. I've tried the RFT for a little while now, and I finally prefer them to the stock tube : more musicality, more details, a bit warmer. I've tried Electro Hamonix "gold" 6S45P bought on eBay from China, and although they don't come cheap, they are a real improvement to the richness and smoothness of the sound, I really think they are worth the try.
What's your price in European $ ?
Price drop !
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